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"Gary, I love your model portfolio idea.  Thanks for putting that into your newsletter because it helps me orient myself safely."  --Sid A  6.10.12

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Inflationphobia  Doug Noland  7.20.13
Huge Backwardation in Crude Oil  Tom McClellan  7.20.13
Ben Bernanke Knows Why You Buy Gold  Adrian Ash  7.20.13
Deflation Warning: Money Manager Startles Global Conference  EWI  7.20.13
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  7.20.13 (pdf)
Succinct Summation of Week's Events  tBP  7.20.13 (e)
"Just How Bad the Crash Will Be"  Market Anthropology  7.20.13 (e)
High Yield Spreads Decline From Another Lower High  B.I.G.  7.20.13 (e)
Global Business Confidence Slips to Multi-Year Low  Acting Man  7.20.13 (e)
Everything is Fine, But...  Zero Hedge  7.20.13 (e)
Bernanke's Comment  Doug Noland  7.13.13
Supposed Breadth Thrust Signal Actually Just Missed  Tom McClellan  7.13.13
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  7.13.13 (pdf)
Moderate Monetary Policy: Vice or Virtue?  Michael Ashton  7.13.13
What? I Have to PAY to Borrow Gold?  Adrian Ash  7.13.13
The Gold Mining Sector Breaks a Record  Steve Saville  7.2.13 (pdf)
Bad to Worse w/ the Federal Reserve  Greg Canavan  7.2.13
Uninsurable Risks  Doug Noland  7.2.13
Gold is Following in Stock Market's 2009 Footsteps  Tom McClellan  7.2.13
We Are the Pea  James Howard Kunstler  7.2.13
Just When You Think it Can't Get Any Worse  tBP  7.2.13 (e)
Feldstein: QE is Not 'Printing Money'  BI  7.2.13 (e)
Mid Year Digest  James Howard Kunstler  6.25.13
Gold & Silver Defy Bulls' Optimism  EWI  6.25.13
The True Meaning of "International Reserves"  Steve Saville  6.25.13 (pdf)
A Terrible Time for Gold & Silver Miners  TGR  6.25.13
Polling the Public About Investing is Loads of Fun  tBP  6.25.13 (e)
Worst is Yet to Come  Mark Hulbert  6.25.13 (e)
Financial Market Articles & News  6.25.13

Mortgage Delinquency Rate Lowest Since '08...  Calculated Risk  6.25.13 (e)
Latent Market Bubble Risks  Doug Noland  6.22.13
Paranoid? Or Justifiably Worried?  Bill Bonner  6.22.13
SP500 Following in 1998's Footsteps  Tom McClellan  6.22.13
Gold & Silver: A Great Day to Be a Bear  EWI  6.22.13
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  6.22.13 (pdf)
We're About to See What Happens When the Music Stops  Martin Hutchinson  6.22.13
Quick Notes on the Week  Michael Ashton  6.22.13
The King of EM  Doug Noland  6.15.13
Gold CoT Data Show Bottoming Condition  Tom McClellan  6.15.13
Inflation is Instantaneous  Bob Hoye  6.15.13 pdf
Classic  Michael Ashton  6.15.13
Stanley Druckenmiller on Investing in the New Normal  Zero Hedge  6.15.13 (e)
Connecting the Dots  Market Anthropology  6.15.13 (e)

Dollar at Risk? Case for Managing Currency Risk  Axel Merk  6.12.13
Lighting the Fuse  James Howard Kunstler  6.12.13
Why This System is Doomed  Bill Bonner  6.12.13
S&P 500 vs. Japanese Yen  B.I.G.  6.12.13 (e)
Biggest Japan IPO of the Year Plunges; Stocks & JGBs Fading Fast  Zero Hedge  6.12.13 (e)
Traders Said to Rig Currency Rates to Profit off Clients  Bloomberg  6.12.13 (e)
This is no Emerging Market Crisis  MarketWatch  6.12.13 (e)
20-Year Anniversary of Market Backstops  Doug Noland  6.8.13
Hindenburg & Titanic, Oh My!  Tom McClellan  6.8.13
Interview w/ Philippa Malmgren  KWN  6.8.13 (e, audio)
Drain-O vs. Bernanke  Bill Bonner  6.8.13
Major Summer Rebound in the Gold Stocks  Jordan Roy-Byrne  6.8.13
Is This the "Real" Selloff?  Michael Ashton  6.6.13
QE, ZIRP & the Zombies  Bill Bonner  6.6.13
Abe's Comments Cause a Sell Off  tBP  6.6.13 (e)
Feeling Confident? Just 2 Charts  Zero Hedge  6.6.13 (e)
Cheerful Thoughts From Marc Faber  TGR  6.5.13
On the 2013 Social Security Report to Congress  Bruce Krasting  6.5.13 (e)
The Canary in the Coal Mine  Scott Minerd, Guggenheim  6.5.13 (e)
Global Risk Off...  Zero Hedge  6.5.13 (e)
Creative Seasonings  Market Anthropology  6.5.13 (e)
Deflation Isn't an Export; Crazy Talk is  Michael Ashton  6.4.13
Out on a Limb  James Howard Kunstler  6.4.13
Sell the Dollar?  Case for Hard Currencies  Axel Merk  6.4.13
Explaining the Gold Bull Market  Steve Saville  6.4.13 (pdf)
Annual Report 2012  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  6.4.13 (e)
Wounded Heart  Bill Gross  6.4.13 (e)
Gameplan for a Completely Corrupted Market  Cody Willard  6.4.13 (e)
Japan's Easy Money Tsunami  David Howden  6.4.13 (e)
March Housing Numbers  B.I.G.  6.4.13 (e)
It's Going to be Another Interesting Summer  Doug Noland  6.3.13
M2's Slow Growth Creates Opportunity in Bonds  Tom McClellan  6.3.13
Following the Fed to 50% Flops  John Hussman  6.3.13 (e)
Are You Trying to Get Rich - Or Stay Rich?  tBP  6.3.13 (e)
Why Stocks & Gold Are About to Reverse Course  Gold Scents  6.3.13 (e)
How Government Works  Bill Bonner  5.31.13
Bonds and the "Convexity Trade"  Michael Ashton  5.31.13
BEA Revises Q1 GDP Growth Down Slightly to 2.38%...  Consumer Metrics  5.31.13 (e)
Hedge Funds for Sale: Only $1000 to Join  tBP  5.31.13 (e)
How Cheap Credit Fuels Income Wealth Inequality  Of 2 Minds  5.31.13 (e)

Is This China's 'Minsky Moment'?  Zero Hedge  5.31.13 (e)
"I Say, Let 'Em Crash"  Michael Ashton  5.29.13
Not So Sweet Sixteen  Doug Wakefield  5.29.13 (pdf)
Gold & Silver's Enduring Value  TGR  5.29.13
Funny Money Turns Serious  Brady Willett  5.29.13 (e)
Interview w/ Barry Eichengreen  tBP  5.29.13 (e)
Hugh Hendry Latest Investments & Outlook  Zero Hedge  5.29.13 (e)
Let's All Go Medieval  James Howard Kunstler  5.28.13
Crash Patterns  Steve Saville  5.28.13 (pdf)
Kuroda's Gambit  Doug Noland  5.28.13
Gold Coins Can Bring a Message  Tom McClellan  5.28.13
Rock, Paper, Scissors  John Hussman, Ph.D.  5.28.13 (e)
40 Frighening Facts on the Fall of the US Economy  Zero Hedge  5.28.13 (e)
US Corporate Tax Rates Vary Greatly  tBP  5.28.13 (e)
Chutzpah  Michael Ashton  5.22.13
Half Science, Half Art, Half Luck  Brent Cook w/ TGR  5.22.13
Psychology in Gold News  Greg Canavan  5.22.13
Desperate, Deceptive Measures Penny Stock Scammers Use...  IKN  5.22.13 (e)
Live Blog of Bernanke Testimony  MarketWatch  5.22.13 (e)
3 Things Not to Worry About Right Now  Mark Hulbert  5.22.13 (e)
Present Shock & the Loss of History & Context  Of 2 Minds  5.22.13 (e)
Bernanke KIKs the Can  Bruce Krasting  5.22.13 (e)
The New Abnormal  Jim Kunstler  5.21.13
Crash Proof Your Portfolio  Axel Merk  5.21.13
6 Reasons Why Gold Stocks Will Begin a Big Rally  Jordan Roy-Byrne  5.21.13
The United States of Conspiracy  tBP  5.21.13 (e)
Goldman Goes UberHyper Bullish...  Zero Hedge  5.21.13 (e)
Rise Up or Die  Chris Hedges  5.21.13 (e)
US Economy Set to Soar on Obamacare?  Bruce Krasting  5.21.13 (e)
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  5.20.13 (pdf)
Financial Euphoria  Doug Noland  5.20.13
Not in Kansas Anymore  John Hussman  5.20.13 (e)
Chicago Fed: "Economic Activity Slower in April"  Calculated Risk  5.20.13 (e)
The Most Dangerous Country in Europe  Zero Hedge  5.20.13 (e)

"Open" Arms Index Shows Overbought Condition  Tom McClellan  5.17.13
What a Proper Economy Looks Like  Martin Hutchinson  5.17.13
Summary of Post-CPI Tweets  Michael Ashton  5.17.13
Friday: Consumer Sentiment  Calculated Risk  5.17.13 (e)
Wrong Like it's Their Job  tBP  5.17.13 (e)
No Mo' PoMo?  James Howard Kunstler  5.15.13
Zombie Lobbying Pays Off  Bill Bonner  5.15.13
The Implications of Negative Interest Rates  Sean Corrigan  5.15.13
High Yield Yields Less Than Treasuries 5 Years Ago  B.I.G.  5.15.13 (e)
Stable Prices, Unstable Markets  Frank Shostak  5.15.13 (e)

5 Charts to Start the Day  Zero Hedge  5.15.13 (e)
Really Real Interest Rates vs. Gold  Adrian Ash  5.13.13
The Currency War is About to Escalate  Greg Canavan  5.13.13
Thoughts on the Electronic Printing Press  Doug Noland  5.13.13
Apple Still Following in Microsoft's Footsteps  Tom McClellan  5.13.13
Comparing Long-Term Gold Mining Bull Markets  Steve Saville  5.13.13 (pdf)
Bernanke Takes a "Leak"  Bruce Krasting  5.13.13 (e)
Sell in May & Go Away or Buy in May & Go Away?  Bob Moriarty  5.13.13 (e)
India Trade Deficit Jumps Over 70% on Gold Imports  MarketWatch  5.13.13 (e)
Magic Trees  Michael Ashton  5.9.13
Stocks and Gold Have Very Different Buyers Right Now  Tim Price  5.9.13
How Government is Squashing Recovery  Tim Price  5.9.13
Sector Relative Strength by Market Cap  B.I.G.  5.9.13 (e)
Are Stocks Cheap? A Review of the Evidence  NY Fed  5.9.13 (e)
Buy in May and Continue Buying in May...  Zero Hedge  5.9.13 (e)
Credit Exhaustion & QExtreme  Sean Corrigan  5.8.13
Outlook for Gold, the Dollar & Inflation  Hard Assets Investor  5.8.13
A New Kind of Bank Robbery  Nathan Lewis  5.8.13
Currency Wars: Winners & Losers  Axel Merk  5.8.13
Jermy Grantham: "We Have Been Conned"  Zero Hedge  5.8.13 (e)
Land of the Rising Stock Market  B.I.G.  5.8.13 (e)
The Deep End of the Risk Pool  James Howard Kunstler  5.7.13
Comparisons  Michael Ashton  5.7.13
The Story of Inequality in the US...  Zero Hedge  5.7.13 (e)
The Hoover-Roosevelt Depression Revisited  5.7.13 (e)
The Death of Truth  Chris Hedges  5.7.13 (e)
Huge Jump in Bullish Sentiment  B.I.G.  5.7.13 (e)

SS Report Due Out This Week  Bruce Krasting  5.7.13 (e)
Too Much Asset Inflation  Doug Noland  5.6.13
The US Fed's May Day Riot  Adrian Ash  5.6.13
Central Bank Failure  Bill Bonner  5.6.13
Aligning Market Exposure w/ Expected Return/Risk Profile  John Hussman  5.6.13 (e)
Federal Deficits & Markets  tBP  5.6.13 (e)
DJIA 1,000 Point Thresholds  B.I.G.  5.6.13 (e)
A Broken Record But it's a Good Song  Michael Ashton  5.2.13
How to Cut Government Debt  Martin Hutchinson  5.2.13
2 Sides of the Same Debased Coin  5.2.13 (e)
Gold Stocks to Rebound in May  Jordan Roy-Byrne  5.2.13
The Mobile Gold Rush  Of 2 Minds  5.2.13 (e)

Bull on a Pogo Stick  Bill Bonner  4.29.13
Central Banks Force to Take More Risk  Greg Canavan  4.29.13
When Rich Valuations Meet Poor Economic Data  John Hussman  4.29.13 (e)
The Bulls Head for the Hills  B.I.G.  4.29.13 (e)
FOMC Preview: Inflation Watch  Calculated Risk  4.29.13 (e)
Bond Funds Now Say Liquidity Restored  Tom McClellan  4.26.13
Not so Fast on the Deflation Talk  Michael Ashton  4.26.13
The Folly of Centralized Currency  Cobden Centre  4.26.13
Hedge Fund Investment: Great for the Hedge Fund!  Martin Hutchinson  4.26.13
Reversion to the... Blown Account  Michael Toma  4.26.13
Real GDP Increased 2.5%...  Calculated Risk  4.26.13 (e)
China 2.0 is in Trouble  Of 2 Minds  4.26.13 (e)

The Upside of Bad Government  Bill Bonner  4.25.13
What the Surge in Physical Demand Means  Frank Holmes  4.25.13
Rage Against the Machines  Michael Ashton  4.25.13
Why Some People Hate Gold  Cobden Centre  4.25.13
What is Going on With Gold in JP Morgan's Vault?  Zero Hedge  4.25.13 (e)
Mediocre Earnings & Revenues  B.I.G.  4.25.13 (e)
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  4.23.13 (pdf)
Money Matters  Steve Saville  4.23.13 (pdf)
2013 Country Stock Market Performance  B.I.G.  4.23.13 (e)
What's Behind Gold's Price Crash?  Adrian Ash  4.23.13 (e)
"Econogate" & Japan  Bruce Krasting  4.23.13 (e)
Fault Lines  Doug Noland  4.21.13
Copper Inventories Rising  Tom McClellan  4.21.13
Gold Bears Suddenly Appear More Emboldened Than Ever  Jordan Roy-Byrne  4.21.13
Sell Out: "The Other Side"  tBP  4.21.13 (e)
The Endgame is Forced Liquidation  John Hussman  4.21.13 (e)
Swiss to Vote on Gold Repatriation...  Zero Hedge  4.21.13 (e)
Preparedness  Michael Ashton  4.18.13
Things Have Gone Too Far  Doug Noland  4.18.13
US Mint Sells 63,500 oz. of Gold in One Day  Zero Hedge  4.18.13 (e)
Interview: Ned Davis, NDR  Big Picture  4.18.13 (e)
Commodity Snapshot  B.I.G.  4.18.13 (e)
Reckless Gold Investment  Bill Bonner  4.17.13
Europe: Still a Mess  Sean Corrigan  4.17.13
Smack Down Time  James Howard Kunstler  4.17.13
Summary of My Post-CPI Tweets  Michael Ashton  4.17.13

The Gold Meltdown: What Happened?  Adam Hewison  4.17.13 (e)
India's Response to the Gold Sell Off: Massive Buying...  Zero Hedge  4.17.13 (e)
Weaker Than Expected Empire Manufacturing  B.I.G.  4.17.13 (e)
Silver is Following its 70's Pattern  Jordan Roy-Byrne  4.12.13
Tax Collections Up in 2013  Tom McClellan  4.12.13
The Short Term Obsession  Investment Contrarians  4.12.13
The Great Monetary Mystery  Bill Bonner 4.12.13

Extreme Over Bought Territory  B.I.G.  4.12.13 (e)
Manufacturing Returns to USA (Jobs Not so Much)  tBP  4.12.13 (e)
Monetary Policy Just Got Hilarious  Bill Bonner  4.11.13
Gold Mining in West Africa  TGR  4.11.13
Bernanke & Kuroda: Overweight S&P 500, 2013 Target 1950  Zero Hedge  4.11.13 (e)
Man, Economy & Seoul  Mises  4.11.13 (e)
Bernanke is Succeeding - Watch Out!  Bruce Krasting  4.11.13 (e)
A Bright Golden Haze  Michael Ashton  4.10.13
Fed Exit? What Fed Exit? Gold & Dollar Implications  Axel Merk  4.10.13
Thatcher, Gold and the Freedom to Save  Adrian Ash  4.10.13
Small Business Economic Trends for April  NFIB  4.10.13 (e)
12 WTF Charts  Zero Hedge  4.10.13 (e)
The Assault on Gold  Paul Craig Roberts  4.10.13 (e)
That Dreadful Day  James Howard Kunstler  4.9.13
Droopy  Michael Ashton  4.9.13
Bad News for Oz From Japan  Greg Canavan  4.9.13
How Federal Numbers Cheat You  Bill Bonner  4.9.13
Whistleblower Report on BoA Foreclosures  TBP  4.9.13 (e)
Chasing the Hedge Fund Lie  MarketWatch  4.9.13 (e)
Kuroda Leapfrogs Bernanke  Doug Noland  4.8.13
Bond CEFs Saying Liquidity is in Trouble  Tom McClellan  4.8.13
A Monetary Rage is Brewing  Bill Bonner  4.8.13
Deflation or Hyperinflation?  Steve Saville  4.8.13 (pdf)
Taking Distortion at Face Value  John Hussman  4.8.13 (e)
The End Zone  Market Anthropology  4.8.13 (e)
Fed Faces Risk of 4th Summer Slump While Pushing QE  Bloomberg  4.8.13 (e)
Soros: "I don't expect gold to go down"  GoldCore  4.8.13

Why Inflation Futures Matter  Michael Ashton  4.5.13
Charts to Provide Perspective for Gold Bulls  Jordan Roy-Byrne  4.5.13
Global Deposit Confiscation Called for by CEO of Italy's Largest Bank  GoldCore  4.5.13
Happy 80th Birthday to Gold Confiscation  Ben Traynor  4.5.13
Earnings Season Cometh  B.I.G.  4.5.13 (e)
BoJ Joins Fed, ECB in Record Stimulus  Bloomberg  4.5.13 (e)
The Myth of a Self-Sustaining Recovery  Charles Hugh Smith  4.5.13 (e)
Gold Bullion: Neither Underpriced Nor Overpriced  Bill Bonner  4.4.13
US Interest Rates, China & the Impact on Gold  Dan Denning  4.4.13
Gold Mining: The Abysmal State of the Juniors  TGR  4.4.13
BOJ Unveils Shock & Awe Q-QE  Zero Hedge  4.4.13 (e)
RUT & SPX Divergence: April Fool's Joke or Something Else?  B.I.G.  4.4.13 (e)
Mortgage Serious Delinquency Declined in Feb...  Calculated Risk  4.4.13 (e)
How Market Losers Think - and How to Stop Doing it  EWI  4.4.13 (video) (e)
China's Problems Mount  Sean Corrigan  4.3.13
Sector Relative Strength by Market Cap  B.I.G.  4.3.13 (e)
A Man in the Mirror  Bill Gross  4.3.13 (e)
The Keynesian Endgame  David Stockman  4.3.13 (e)
It Wasn't David Stockman Who Wrecked the Economy  truthdig  4.3.13 (e)
Whose Move is it?  Michael Ashton  4.2.13
Are You Going to Entropy Faire?  James Howard Kunstler  4.2.13
Japan: Monetary Madness in Times of Unsustainable Deficits?  Merk & Fang  4.2.13
Debt = Serfdom  Charles Hugh Smith  4.2.13 (e)
Gold Chart of the Week  Brian Booth  4.2.13 (e)
Mostly Positive w/ a Few Dogs  B.I.G.  4.2.13 (e)
Invaluable Insight From Axel Weber  Doug Noland  4.1.13
The Myth of Earnings' Importance  Tom McClellan  4.1.13
Ignore Those Preaching US Hyperinflation  Bill Bonner  4.1.13
Can You Rely on Deposit Insurance?  Martin Hutchinson  4.1.13
An Update on the Silver Stocks  Jordan Roy-Byrne  4.1.13
Why Some Banks Should Go Bust  John Phelan  4.1.13
We Should Already Have Learned How This Will End  John Hussman  4.1.13 (e)
Inflation's Crisis  Sean Corrigan  3.28.13
Cyprus Banks Reopen... Under Armed Guard  Zero Hedge  3.28.13 (e)
Tailwinds Pushing the USD Higher  Charles Hugh Smith  3.28.13 (e)
S&P 1500 Most Heavily Shorted Stocks  B.I.G.  3.28.13 (e)
Gold Prices vs. Sailors' Wages  Bill Bonner  3.27.13
Lenders Beware!  Sean Corrigan  3.27.13
Gold and the Bank of England: 1720 to 1913  Nathan Lewis  3.27.13
Cyprus: Small Country, Big Impact  Dan Denning  3.27.13
Brent-WTI Spread Falls to 60 Month Lows  B.I.G.  3.27.13 (e)
A Few Comments on New Home Sales  Calculated Risk  3.27.13 (e)
Money Worries  James Howard Kunstler  3.26.13
Bailing In  Michael Ashton  3.26.13
How the Fed's Making it Harder to Retire  Investment Contrarians  3.26.13
The Destructive Power of Capital Controls  Bill Bonner  3.26.13
Video Update: Cyprus Puts Lipstick on a Pig  Adam Hewison  3.26.13 (e)
Hayek vs. Krugman - Cyprus' Capital Controls  Zero Hedge  3.26.13 (e)
Is the Party Coming to an End?  B.I.G.  3.26.13 (e)
Cyprus & Money  Doug Noland  3.23.13
Gold Priced in Euros Looks Stronger  Tom McClellan  3.23.13
The Economy in the Plastic Bubble  Michael Ashton  3.23.13
The Lost Art of Being Early  Doug Wakefield  3.23.13 (pdf)
Texas Wants its Gold Back From the Fed  Zero Hedge  3.23.13 (e)
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  3.22.13 (pdf)
Is the Stock Market Rally Making America Richer?  Investment Contrarians  3.22.13
Alan Greenspan and the Gold Standard  Nathan Lewis  3.22.13
Next USD Peak is Catalyst for Precious Metals & Hard Assets  Jordan Roy-Byrne  3.22.13
A Safe & a Shotgun or Publicly Owned Banks?  truthdig  3.22.13 (e)
Average for US Jobless Claims at 5 Year Low  3.22.13 (e)
Philly Fed Moves Back to Positive Levels  B.I.G.  3.22.13 (e)
Nullify the War on Drugs  Mark Thornton  3.22.13 (e)
They Really do Care  Michael Ashton  3.21.13
Cyprus: It Could be Worse  Bill Bonner  3.21.13
Too Big to Fail in Action  B.I.G.  3.21.13 (e)
4 Trends You Need to Know About This Bull Market  David Sterman  3.21.13 (e)
Frontrunning: March 21  Zero Hedge  3.21.13 (e)
Could Gold be the Next Libor Scandal?  Guardian UK  3.21.13 (e)
Cyprus: Couldn't Happen Here  Adrian Ash  3.20.13
Family Wealth, Family Patience  Bill Bonner  3.20.13
If I Could Run My Whole Life in Gold  TGR  3.20.13

Looking Backward & Projecting Forward  Consumer Metrics  3.20.13 (e)
Spending Patterns Paint Half Truth  John Browne  3.20.13

Housing Starts & Permits Both Beat...  B.I.G.  3.20.13 (e)
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...  Grant Williams  3.19.13 (e)
Stealing Really is That Bad  Michael Ashton  3.19.13
Things Went Awry  James Howard Kunstler  3.19.13
Gold Chart of the Week  Brian Booth  3.19.13 (e)
Cyprus' Naked Attack on Small Savers  Dan Denning  3.19.13 
A Lesson in Macro Thinking  Bill Bonner  3.19.13
Money-Pumping Update  Steve Saville  3.19.13 (pdf)
Highest Bearish Sentiment Since Last July  B.I.G.  3.19.13 (e)
Willie Suttonomics  Michael Ashton  3.18.13
Insights from Former Fed Chairman  Doug Noland  3.18.13
Canada, Mexico & Oil Prices  Tom McClellan  3.18.13
US Gov't Debt Monetization Watch, the Fed Leads the Charge  Michael Pollaro  3.18.13 (e)
Cyprus: The World's Biggest Poker Game  Zero Hedge  3.18.13 (e)
Investment, Speculation, Valuation & Tinker Bell  John Hussman, Ph.D.  3.18.13 (e)

Some Useful Charts & Thoughts About Personal Investing  Michael Ashton  3.15.13
Why China's Now Worried About Inflation  Greg Canavan  3.15.13
Dollar Index Challenges 2012 Resistance  Ross Clark  3.15.13 (pdf)
Spring Rally Directly Ahead for Gold Stocks  Jordan Roy-Byrne  3.15.13
All 10 Sectors Over Bought  B.I.G.  3.15.13 (e)
BOA: Market Lost Some of its Ability to Reflect Economic Trends  Zero Hedge  3.15.13 (e)
America's Youth Will Get Nothing for Something  Bill Bonner  3.14.13
Greece: A Gathering Storm Threatens Europe & America  EWI  3.14.13
The Most Important Trading Metric: Compliance  Michael Toma  3.14.13 (e)
Jobless Claims Decline to 332k  B.I.G.  3.14.13 (e)
Bernanke's False Recovery  Cobden Centre  3.13.13
The Dangers of the Fed  Investment Contrarians  3.13.13
Euro TMS Trends Suggest Another Deflationary Scare?  Michael Pollaro  3.13.13 (e)
Sector Relative Strength by Market Cap  B.I.G.  3.13.13 (e)
Mortgage Applications Decrease...  Calculated Risk  3.13.13 (e)
"Psychologically, We Closted Positive"...  Zero Hedge  3.13.13 (e)

Short But Sour  Michael Ashton  3.12.13
Fortress of Lies  James Howard Kunstler  3.12.13
The Freedom of Money  Bill Bonner  3.12.13
The US Economy: Afloat on Cheap Money  Investment Contrarians  3.12.13
Gold Chart of the Week  Brian Booth  3.12.13 (e)
Fantasyland for Policymakers  Steve Saville  3.12.13 (pdf)
Gold & Silver Traders Reduce Long Positions Again  GoldCore  3.12.13
Food Stamps Hit Record Alongside Record Dow Jones...  Zero Hedge  3.12.13 (e)
Historical S&P 500 Sector Weightings  B.I.G.  3.12.13 (e)
Two Myths and a Legend  John Hussman, Ph.D.  3.11.13 e
Q4 2012 Flow of Funds  Doug Noland  3.9.13
GE Says Dow's New High is Suspect  Tom McClellan  3.9.13
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  3.9.13 (pdf)
Bollinger Band Basics  Jeffrey Kennedy  3.9.13 (video) e
Gold Holding Support Despite Extreme Negative Sentiment  Jordan Roy-Byrne  3.9.13
Can We Trust the Dow's Record Highs?  Bill Bonner  3.9.13
All Men Are Mortal  Michael Ashton  3.9.13
China Bubbles and the Dow's Record High  Bill Bonner  3.7.13
Who's the Fed Really Helping?  David Howden  3.7.13
Dow-Gold Ratio Spikes as Stocks Hit Record  Adrian Ash  3.7.13
Why Central Planning Fails  Bill Bonner  3.7.13
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