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What Will the Fed Look Like After the Election?  Martin Hutchinson  10.29.12
Robamneyma  Bill Bonner  10.29.12
Distinction Without a Difference  John Hussman, Ph.D.  10.29.12
Today’s News & Traders’ Blog  10.29.12
Gold Trading Jumps in London  Adrian Ash  10.29.12
Sandy’s State-by-State Impact Forecast  Zero Hedge  10.29.12

The Perils of Bubbles & Speculative Finance  Doug Noland  10.27.12
Crude Oil Falls to a 3-Mo. Low: Why Blaming “Soft Economy Isn’t the Answer  EWI  10.26.12
Gold Mining Margins Will Expand Further  Jordan Roy Byrne  10.26.12
Gold to Rally Strongly in November…  GoldCore  10.26.12
Architecture Billings Index Says Q3 GDP Should be Muted  Tom McClellan  10.26.12
Third Waves Are Wonders to Behold  EWI  10.26.12
Gold & Gold Stocks, an Update  Acting Man  10.26.12
Investors Turn Slightly More Bullish  B.I.G.  10.26.12

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