An Unbelievably Sad Day; Rest In Peace Jon

Long time readers of this blog will recall that a segment called “Gold This Morning” used to be posted each morning that was usually little more than the eloquently put “facts” as Jon saw them from his seat on the COMEX.  But his steady view and no b/s attitude were a breath of fresh air in a financial blogosphere so filled with self-promotion, bravado and flat out book-talking guesses.

I just found out that he has passed when his assistant replied to an update that I sent out this morning.  My thoughts go out to everyone at Auerbach Grayson & Co.  I have been there and what I saw was a tight knit family with the most interesting founder and patriarch imaginable. This was not Wall Street.  It was unique and special.

I considered Jon a friend and even something of a Godfather within the financial markets.  Always keeping an eye on me and indeed warning me “don’t do it!” before ultimately signing up as NFTRH’s self-described “charter member”.

He invited me to his annual roof top beer fest at the brokerage last summer but I had to decline due to vacation plans.  I thought ‘I’ll definitely get there next year’.  Tune out the noise of the markets and realize that sometimes there is no next year and you have got to have quality of life every step of the way.

Jon was someone that I’d consider a gold bug, but unlike so many who become angry and limited in their world view, he embraced the world (literally) and was always positive.

A dear friend is gone

Jonathan Auerbach Dies at 70

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