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This site is still pretty new and I tweak it every day.  Among the tweaks are some fiddling with links on the right side bar.  Some are added, some are dropped as suits the site’s needs.  Added today is a link to the gold bug nerve center AKA King World News.  There is a good amount of alarm and downright tin foil expressed over there, but the guy interviews people like John Hathaway for crying out loud.  Tin foil or not, I want to weed through and listen to people like that.

Today, among the headlines on KWN are these alarms bells…

  • Fed Balance Sheet to Hit a Shocking $6 Trillion
  • Buy Gold – Fed to Print Over $1000,000,000,000 a Year

They are also on the trail of the evil shorts in the gold market and generally stirring things up.  The usual gold bug stuff; much of it true.

But knowing about the dirty details is never a reason to justify getting yourself blown up by evil forces.  You know about the details?  You take evasive action.  You wait, you stalk and you beat the fuckers at their own game, eventually.

Anyway, I bring this up because this morning I happened to link KWN for some charts put up by Nick Laird at Sharelynx at the Guest Commentary page.  By the way, I think I’ll link Sharelynx as well.

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