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Hedge Funds Gone Wild  Doug Noland  2.16.13
Get-Me-In-Mania  Bob Hoye  2.16.13 (pdf)
Currency War is Not New, It’s Merely Escalating  Michael Ashton  2.16.13
Fed’s POMOs Keep Market Aloft  Tom McClellan  2.15.13
Free Online Conference & Report  EWI  2.15.13 e *
Q4 Earnings & Revenue Beats  B.I.G.  2.15.13 e

* The market is bullish right now and targeting higher levels into spring.  Is that not a good time to start preparing for potential changes?  Read and listen to the EWI viewpoint (especially as pertains to T bonds) and at least move forward as a stronger bull if nothing else.  Yes, this is a promo (unlike some blogs, this one is not littered with front page ads).  But it is a promo we believe in.  It’s all free with no strings whatsoever.

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