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COMPounding Stock Market Signals

[edit.1]  And in consideration of the relative clarity of indexes vs. individual stocks, I am going to focus trading on index ETFs, especially leveraged ones.  Long, short, any sector – including the precious metals.  Trader’s market and all.

[edit.2]  With the media serving up the Ukraine relief pap and some volume coming in, it is possible that said bounce may have begun.  We’ll see.  I shorted QID and bought a triple long on the QQQ.

Signals continue to gather that a top of some significance is forming.  Bull market top?  Undetermined.  But with the COMPQ (and also the NDX) making lower lows expect a couple things.

  1. A new bounce attempt that could be ferocious and
  2. Failure, with new lows down the road


Signals like this lower low, even if neutralized as I expect it will be, tend to be shots across the bow for a later date.  So, my little bounce scenario played out in just 2 days (I am full sidelines now on any longs), showing just how weak this market is.  But that may not have been the bounce.  A fierce rally could be implied (as lots of things come to their 200 day moving averages) but the odds just increased that said bounce would ultimately fail.

One does not have to try too hard to visualize a left shoulder, a big fat head and a hard bounce that peters out around the 50 day moving averages.  A drive to 4200 could involve a lot of relief and renewed optimism.  People should remain at a steady heart rate if that goes on.

One Little PIIGY

One of the PIIGS is breaking down today.  PIIGY #1 (Italy) is breaking a wedge today by daily chart.  It is just a wedge break and need not drop too far (often about 1/3 to 1/2 of the wedge will do).  The 50 day averages should decide on that.


NFTRH has been following the monthly charts of both Italy and Spain and their improbable measured upside targets (not quite achieved) since last year for the speculative impulse they implied for the European markets.

PIIGY #2 (Spain) is still intact…

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3D Systems and Me

Still hanging on, white knuckles and all :-( .

Triple D tested my patience today but since its test of support has not failed I held on for a wild ride.  3D Systems and me; an over hyped company in an over hyped industry and a hype-o-phobe holding it as the punch drunk bulls continue to bail.  Yes, sounds about right.  This is one of several ‘bounce’ longs in a net long – but very cash heavy – portfolio.  We have clear parameters for this stock market bounce.



US Stock Market; Bounce Upcoming?

The US stock market is negative pre-open, but don’t be surprised if we get a strong bounce soon.  It could be a trade-able bounce.  I have bought a couple items in anticipation and am watching several more.

A bounce is a bounce; a trade.  It is what happens on a would-be bounce that will be important going forward.  What will the market do at resistance?  That will tell us a lot about what this thus far mini correction will be, another quickie or something more lasting.

SPX has firm support at around 1800.


One of the leaders, NDX needs to bottom shortly and make a ‘higher low’ to February or it is going to activate a bearish intermediate signal.

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Bear Funds Not Over Bought

The actively managed HDGE is not over bought and just now making a breakout.  That is a scary thought for stock market bulls.  It’s not just HDGE either.  Go have a look at SPXU, SOXS and the other leveraged bear funds out there.  They are just now breaking out and also generally not over bought.

HDGE is one that was mentioned yesterday in a subscriber update.  It could be a more sensible way to play 2014 from the bear side.  I plan to play it both ways.  This market has made me a shorter swing trader and well, that’s what I’ll be as long as needed.  It’ll sure be more fun than that robot dream machine we had last year.


Stock Market; a Scenario

In 2001 my financial adviser advised that the people running my IRA would never allow the type of losses that I myself would suffer by trading.  Ehhhhhh… wrong!  -50% in a heartbeat.  Thanks MFS.  My wife got a 60% haircut compliments of Putnam.

I spent some time calling these fund companies pulling money out and putting it back in the markets.  In other words, I day traded them successfully, taking advantage of the bear market until finally I yanked every last penny from said financial adviser and his lame mutual fund companies and went DIY.  A couple years later happened and the rest is history, and a gain of several hundred percent on that IRA.

Anyway, preamble aside, this market has the potential to be like that phase where you successfully short the market, buy the market, short the market; i.e. trade the swings.  Take the QQQ chart for example…

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SPX Losing Support

[edit] …and here comes the EoD kick save attempt trying to put a tail on the candle.  I am hanging loose for the moment, having taken enough lumps this week and just loving me some cash.  But even if SPX gets above support, that tail on the candle could be a sign of coming weakness.

Well, say goodbye to daily support for the S&P 500; at least in-day.  This is obviously not good because it is coming after a failed stock market bounce on some Fed minutes b/s.  Cash and the search for bounce points to take longer term short positions (but really, cash and equiv’s is a position!) looks like the near term future.

RSI looks like it is going to 30 after failing to hold the upper 40′s.  The initial target would be a higher low to the January correction, assuming today remains like this.  But even if it doesn’t, the in-day breach might be meaningful.


Here’s the 60 minute view on the chart we showed yesterday…