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Rotten Apple

By Biiwii

One Tech Captain is looking ugly these days.  Others like Google, Cisco and Mr. Softie are not bad.  Apple however, is really ugly below 122.


Apple Falls Far From the…

Tree Wedge.  The Apple chart broke a trend line this morning and is now in free fall toward some Fib retrace levels that would act as support.  I traded this several times and noted it here, so I thought today was relevant for an update.  I am not currently interested in AAPL unless it gets to a 62% retrace, which I certainly think it can.


China Mobile Apple Deal… Wax On, Wax Off

China Mobile on, China Mobile off… and China Mobile on again.  China Mobile hype propelled Apple to a point where I decided to sell.  ‘China Mobile is NOT a done deal!’ hype dropped it to a point where I was able to buy it back.  Wax is back on and I’ll probably plan to sell it at around 600 or so.


Profit Taking in Apple

One can read a target of 600 to 650 into this chart.  One can do that but I am selling it at resistance and taking 8%.


Apple, China Mobile and a Weekly Chart

Given that iPad and iPhone are no longer the gizmos to have and that a pack of companies are encroaching on Apple’s territory, I don’t look at the company the same way I used to (although I still love my iMac, which has served me impeccably for 5 years now with never so much as a hiccup).

This morning there is some China Mobile news for iPhone.  Excellent.  I hold AAPL along with MSFT (INTC was sold for a small loss after its 2014 guidance was a stinker, although I plan to buy INTC back after it settles, broad market willing) as old guard tech giants.  Here is the weekly chart of AAPL with a measurement to 650.

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NFTRH 265 Out Now

So this week a writer comes to the realization that he sometimes beats up readers with the ultimate truths (as he sees them) on the big picture macro view.  Meanwhile, there are interim views like a cyclical stock bull market that may be entering a mania phase.  Why not play that (as rationally as possible) as well?  Personally I do, with certain sound equity holdings.  Why not talk about those more often, eh dour writer boy?

Why beat everyone up with the big macro all the time?  We are human and sometimes we need to lighten up a little right?  So NFTRH 265 institutes change on the interim while not altering the big picture, because one thing I do not want to alter is the truth as I interpret it.  So we’ll be ready for the mania’s end as well, of that I can assure.


Apple Hits Our Anticipated Support Zone

So I am going to buy it here and see what happens.  This has been a great trading stock for many weeks now.  Stop is obviously a loss of support.  [edit]  AAPL shears through the 450’s and I take a loss.  It is as much due to the macro (read: T bond yields, etc.) as Apple-specific.

Apple (AAPL) weekly

Apple Dropping Toward Support

They are talking about iPhone duds and analyst downgrades in Apple (AAPL) this morning.  That’s fine because I sold it well below the 540 measured target (another example of not being greedy working well in this market).  This one has proved to be a great trader.  If support in the 450’s is registered and if the macro market is constructive at the time AAPL could offer another long trade.  Then if it hits 530 to 550 one day as expected, it could be a good short or put buying opportunity.

Apple (AAPL) weekly

Apple Thinks it’s a Gold Stock

But really it is a neat gizmo maker without much of the associated risk of digging ancient money out of the ground.


I am in some rare and gratifying zone where my longs are working, shorts are working and the realization is with me that I did not suddenly become a genius.  What I did do what filter bullshit for weeks on end and get in position with the macro.

Anyway, AAPL is getting over bought but targets 530.

[edit]  That’s it, I hate hype and this Icahn tweet hype is too much.  I’ll take the profit below target right @ 500.

Apple Makes its Move

Bought it for the ‘W’ pattern, took profit at 50 [ed; oops, meant 200 DMA] day moving averages and bought it back.  Now AAPL is apparently ready for the move to 500.

AAPL weekly

There is resistance at the low 500’s, which is also the area the ‘W’ measures to.  I’ll probably sell there but I really like this stock and would miss it.  <—– look, right there… EMOTION!  Got to keep that kind of thing under wraps.  :-)

Apple, Trade Ongoing

As noted previously I bought AAPL for a trade based on a ‘W’ bottom formation and the fact that sentiment toward this previously over loved stock was bombed out.

AAPL daily

Normally I would take a nice profit at the 200 day averages, and I just might.  But I am given pause on that by the weekly chart, which shows no resistance up to the low 500’s if (IF!) AAPL can hold today’s pop.

AAPL weekly

I think volume may come into play here as a decider.

I am not necessarily going to post anything here if I sell.  I just like showing stock charts and pondering questions sometimes.

[edit]  Sold, 10.4% booked and now I don’t have to worry about it.  Plenty of other stocks out there.