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NFTRH 255 Out Now

Boy this is a macro market newsletter that dug and dug until it came up with a lot of possibilities for various markets going into Q4 and beyond.  It also highlighted something significant going on in T bond yields that I don’t think is being considered by most people.

This as 10-year yields have just about hit the 3% target we established back in May in NFTRH 239.  The 30-year is closing in on its target of 4.2%.  But there is something going on in yield relationships that I really need to think more about and get on top of.  Anyway, even the little promo blurb for this letter is getting too involved.

Got to love the markets; never an easy answer nor a dull moment.  NFTRH 255 out now.


Thank You Dr. Mobius

Last year the Templeton Emerging Markets bond fund provided great gains.  Now Templeton’s Mark Mobius has provided excellent 9% and 7% returns (Plus dividend income) on what are essentially mutual funds.  I don’t want to get greedy.


I am still constructive on the Emerging Markets and Asia compared to US markets, but it is time to pare back on some positions now and evaluate.  I still hold the Templeton Global Income fund, which is +5% since purchase and spitting off monthly income.