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Here is What a Subcriber Says About NFTRH and its “Cryptic Loony” Writer

This is not a normal promo because IWNATTOS highlights the biggest problem I have encountered since starting the newsletter.  That would be writing about complex things in a direct and consistently clear way.  It is just that in complex systems the data points available are disparate and in some cases really weird.  i.e. they are not easy to digest and can give you a headache.

His post gave me the good laugh I needed to start my week.  And yes, I guess I am a cryptic loony and no, I did not care for the Wire album that IWNATTOS referenced or the song from which the lyrics were pulled.  At the end of the post is some real Wire.  :-)

NFTRHLong-term t-bonds are signaling inflation is on the way! Hurray! This chart is a variant of Gary’s “most important chart in the world”. Now, importantly, one day that 30-year trend channel shown by the blue lines has to break. But it doesn’t have to be imminent. If $USB has begun dropping, it’ll move to 125, and that move will be the chance to yet again play the inflation game (China, EMs, base metals, silver, fuck maybe even gold, and so on).

I can’t stress enough that NFTRH’s “most important chart in the world” is, truly and without a doubt, the most important chart in the world. It’s why I stayed subscribed to his newsletter for the first 2 years even though I couldn’t understand a fucking thing the cryptic loony was saying; I saw early on that that chart was important, and so I stuck with him. Now I vaguely comprehend almost a quarter of what he says.

Speaking of which… I suddenly realize that I should expect his writing to be that of a cryptic loony, considering he listens to a band with lyrics like “Money spines paper lung kidney bingos organ fun”. I mean, seriously, these guys gave REM the idea of being incomprehensible.

My Own Market Narrative is one of the most raw, funny and honest takes on the markets you’ll find out there (parental guidance advised).  Check it out.

As for me, if you want really confusing market analysis that simply will not tell you what to do but will try like hell to give you some good tools to do it, then check out NFTRH.

Here’s a real Wire album, Chairs Missing (the whole album).  Fun fact: Colin Newman, the singer and guitar player performed the song ‘Alone’, notable as the creepy backdrop to the famous pit scene in Silence of the Lambs.