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Doctor Copper’s House call @ 150 Misery Lane

By Biiwii

More and more it looks like our long-term target for Copper is going to come about.  That is and has for years now, been a buck 50 a pound.  That level, which has seemed coded into what eventually became a global deflationary situation, could be the house call needed for players to finally anticipate an ‘inflation trade’ bounce or cyclical bull market.

copper monthly chart

Along with this hysterical bottom in the inflation trade (top in deflation) we’d expect to see things like Silver start to out perform Gold (Gold-Silver ratio has higher to go along with Uncle Buck, first) Palladium and Platinum shore up, Agriculture to bottom and of course, Energy as well.  Very interesting times out ahead; maybe weeks, maybe months still.  But coming.  Cu 1.50 awaits.

NFTRH 366 Out Now and Available for Free

By Biiwii

nftrh 366Do not subscribe to NFTRH!

At least not yet, anyway… I am going to release it publicly for the first time in probably 5 years.  Coming at what is a key juncture in most markets (talking the next 2 weeks), it seems like the right time to get this view of the current multi-market status out there before a wider audience.

NFTRH does not make predictions because they flunked me out of guru school and took away my crystal ball.  But we always follow the analysis and probabilities and intuitively self-correct in real time if/as needed.

NFTRH 366 lays out the parameters of this key, potentially pivotal time in global markets.  Generally, we have been right on the market’s turns ever since it resolved into the August drop and finally, things became ‘in motion’, which is the best environment to gauge and plan.  Right now the motion is ‘up’, exactly as expected.

If you would like to have NFTRH 366 with no commitment and no strings attached, simply email me at gt<at>biiwii.com or use the ‘Contact’ link above and request so.  If you find it is right for your needs I would welcome the opportunity to be among your market intelligence service providers going forward!

NFTRH 365 Out Now

By Biiwii

A solid 36 page report.  The market bounce matures as it enters our target zone and sentiment is the indicator.  Precious Metals continue to improve on the macro, but carry rising risk on the short-term.  Question: Is HUI going to get to the 150’s before or after short-term risk is realized?  Answer: I don’t know, but we are ready either way.  Much more too.  NFTRH 365 Out now.

nftrh 365

Daily Gold Ratios

By Biiwii

Because well, it’s only the thing I am most obsessed with in the financial markets  :-)

Gold-Oil (GLD-USO)

gold-oil ratio

Gold vs. Commodities (DBC)

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Gold vs…

By Biiwii

Gold vs. other things.  Draw your conclusions and talk amongst yourselves…

gold vs. s&p 500

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Emerging Opportunity?

By Biiwii

Ever since the Emerging Markets tanked below last ditch support in August, we have been watching for a rebound to what is now major resistance.  On EEM that is around 36.  At 36.20 we are there.

It had looked like a no brainer shorting opportunity, but a funny thing happened along the way; the USD got very wobbly and the Fed has started mentioning poor old Uncle Buck’s name a lot lately in their policy meetings.  See this post for charts of USD, Euro and a great graphic culled from out there on the Twitter machine showing USD mentions by our fearless but maybe a little uncomfortable monetary leaders.

Back to the post’s main theme, a breakdown in USD would further instigate commodities and the likes of the EM’s.  So the tenuous state of the dollar should be watched closely now since many other markets are going to take their cues from it.

eem monthly chart, emerging markets

Gold vs….

By Biiwii

Another one of those simple ‘Gold vs.’ posts.  You have endured my blabbing for years about the meanings, so with a combination of laziness and time constraint I am just going to throw some weekly gold ratios up for your review and conclusions.

gold vs. hui

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NFTRH 363 Out Now

By Biiwii

We have been successfully managing an ‘in motion’ market since the August festivities kicked off.  It is October and Money Managers (NAAIM), Newsletter Writers (Investors Intelligence) are thoroughly spooked and Small Speculators are thoroughly short the market.  It’s a perfect contrarian setup.

Meanwhile, over in Goldbugsville there is a lot going on as well.  NFTRH 363 is 30 pages of commentary and in depth analysis on all of this and also gets its geek on (with the aid of FloatingPath.com‘s awesome graphical breakdowns) and gets inside the September Payrolls report in order to flesh out the dynamics in a flagging economy.

NFTRH 363, a very helpful market management report if I do say so myself… out now.

nftrh 363

Best Commodity Opportunities…

By Elliott Wave International

Today’s Best Short-term Commodity Opportunities

Elliott Wave International’s Senior Commodity Analyst, Jeffrey Kennedy, has just recorded a live webinar titled “Today’s Top Commodity Opportunities.”

Besides commodities, Jeffrey also shows you new Elliott wave opportunities in markets like the DJIA and U.S. dollar.

Today, we invite you to watch this presentation free — and get a fresh Elliott wave perspective on more than a dozen markets from this recognized Elliott wave expert.

  • Cotton
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  • Soybeans
  • Gold
  • U.S. Dollar and more

You’ll also pick up valuable trading tips along the way from one of EWI’s best trading instructors.

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