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NFTRH 286 Out Now

nftrh286Think about the year long topping process of up and down spikes on the HUI Gold Bugs index in 2011.  Now think about things that may be working on replicas of that activity (hello US stocks) and things in the mirror that may be working on the inverse of it (hello grinding and dispiriting gold sector).

Now think about how long these processes take to play out and the patience involved.  Also think about trading or defaulting to cash, because at times of change the volatility is something to behold (going both ways).

NFTRH 286 out now.


NFTRH 284 Out Now

Just continuing to do what I feel needs to be done in a market like this.  The Semi’s would lead a bull charge, while Tech, Biotech and Small Caps would lead the bear.  Throw in some indicators like BKX-SPX and especially the Equity Put/Call ratio (making a hidden bear signal that I for one found pretty compelling) and we lean bearish.

As for the precious metals?  Well, when we were noting a bearish CoT structure and Ukraine hype, the ‘community’ was noting breakouts and bullish objectives.  Nagging details like the CoT?  Cue the crickets…

That’s all under the bridge now.  It’s what’s directly ahead that is important.  NFTRH 284 looks ahead to coming signals, and it’s out now.