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Gold and Silver CoT Data Hot off the Press

Gold and silver maintain the bullish stance from last week and in fact silver goes really bullish by this indicator this week.  Now of course, we are in the age of indicators mysteriously gone on the fritz so I guess that’s the caveat, if you want to call it one.  Here’s silver…

Silver CoT

Gold & Silver CoT Data: Improvement Yet Again

At some point you would think this will manifest in something good.  Rarely do gold and silver CoT data get to these levels on the contrarian bullish side.

Commitments of Traders, Gold
cot ag
Commitments of Traders, Silver

Au & Ag CoT Data Out

Au and Ag Commitments of Traders improved a bit as of Tuesday.  We’ll have to wait until next Friday to see what kind of rats may have been jumping ship during yesterday’s bombing.


silver cot

Gold CoT Improves Again This Week

Interestingly the silver CoT did not improve and yet quality silver stocks are among the strongest in the precious metals sector.  Hmmm… I wonder what kind of short covering may be going on today.