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NFTRH; Key ETF Update

A snapshot of the current technical status of several key markets (a lot of charts today because macro changes seem to be in effect)…

GLD broke down from the Sym-Tri (strike 1), lost the June low (strike 2) and now would try to find support at the December low, equiv. to gold 1180.  Over sold, prone to bounce but technically bearish below 120 and 123.

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NFTRH; Key ETF Charts

Key ETF charts are a snapshot to current technicals, not comprehensive technical analysis.

GLD bumped above the lower end of resistance yesterday and is support for any continuing S/T rally activity.  The big test is in the 123 to 125 area and the nose of the former Symmetrical Triangle.

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Update; Key ETF Charts

A reminder that ETF charts are more a snapshot to current status than comprehensive TA.  Also, to save time the MACD (which is usually noted as green (positive) or red (negative) will be colored blue in ETF updates going forward.  The relevant point to the color coding is whether MACD is above or below zero.  Also, RSI is added and the charts have a new format.

GLD broke down from an unimpressive short term uptrend (low relative ‘up’ volume), keeping the long anticipated support zone in play.  That support zone is quite important.  GLD is neutral-bearish, but with a potentially bullish pattern.

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Update: Key ETF Charts

Key ETFs offer a technical snapshot each week, but are not comprehensive technical analysis.

GLD is right at the resistance we noted last week.  The chart is neutral and would become positive with a rise above resistance (and the moving averages) and a MACD up trigger.  Obviously, a failure here would put a bear signal on.

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