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DJIA, Never Mind the Domed House

There is stuff going around about the old as the hills ’3 Peaks and a Domed House’ on the DJIA.  Unfortunately, I have found that to be of nearly as little value for the bear side as old favorites the ‘Jaws of Death’ and my ATF, the ‘Death Cross’ of MA 50′s below MA 200′s.


What I may find constructive for the bear side however is that the market is celebrating an industrial production data release into FOMC.  The most bullish scenario would have been for the market to continue declining to clear the pipes for a strong Santa rally, at which point I’d have added more long positions.  Watch the red trend line.

Now instead, I am having thoughts of shorting.  Just thoughts at the moment, mind you.


Dow Decision Time

Dow should not make a lower low or that would be err… bad.  I just got done managing a similar (yet oh so different) situation on the HUI in the previous update.


For the Debt Theater Kabuki Dance to be like all the other ultimately bullish sentiment events of the last year, these markets need to get it together quickly.  They were due for a correction but I’d be more comfortable for it to have been ‘organic’ as the most naive of bulls like to call our US economy, rather than having this stinking debt mess at center stage.

Will the US Stock Market Find Support Here?

I hope the market finds support here because I unloaded my SPY puts but still have some longs.  I would like to see the Dow bounce here at the 62% Fib retrace and visual support in order to get bearish again.


I think eventually this pig will go to the 200 day moving averages because lazy thinkers and various other dumb money needs to be punished.  First, let’s get a bump to the 50 day averages.

Dow Gold Ratio (DIA-GLD) = Reality

People need to see and consider this because it is reality; it is what is indisputably happening right now, like it or not.


DIA-GLD ratio, monthly

People can avert their eyes, call me the most hated individual in GoldBugsVille or simply cancel from my service (they have done all three) because I have shown things like this that are gold-ugly and talk about the risk of not dealing in what is.

I too dislike what I think are some of the causes of the picture above, but the picture is what it is.  Stocks are apparently entering a secular bull signal vs. gold (green MACD).  Now, I am a smart enough chart twittler to know that charts do not rule the world, and the DIA-GLD ratio had also come to within a target zone.  It hit 1.1255 before being repelled on gold’s post crash recovery.  This is not shown on a monthly chart.  The ratio is also getting quite over bought.

Still, the target allows for a little more upside and we’ll soon know if it is a grand new age of stocks vs. gold.  I am watching for upside blow off targets to get short the market, so you know where I am at right now.  But by being aware of the chart above, at least I’ll do what I do with eyes wide open and let the chart school me one day about how wrong I was if it comes to that.

Do You Know Rut I Find Distrubing?

I find it disturbing that the $RUT, which has been a negatively divergent leader broke the nice neckline I laid out for it in NFTRH 235.  That is what I find disturbing.


Russell 2000 daily, from NFTRH 235

I find it less disturbing that the Dow bounced because that is exactly what we noted it looked like it was poised to do.


Dow daily, from NFTRH 235

Meanwhile, the Tranny is holding at some moving averages and under the dome we placed over its head this weekend.


TRAN daily chart, from NFTRH 235

The leaders had better get about the business of downside leadership fairly quickly or these damn bulls are going to… well, you know.