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Financial market news and analysis from around the Web (bright and cheery edition as Nasdaq hits blue sky… take it fwiw)
  • Manufacturing Up, Pollution Down: How?  –Conversable Economist  [biiwii comment: economists being economists, he talks about regulation as the reason. having lived the industry for many years i’d say yes, most definitely. regulations steadily marched stricter and stricter and that is a good thing (i’ve seen companies totally disregard the environment and human health). but don’t discount the degree to which automation has played into this as well.  progress is progress after all.]


Around the Web

By Biiwii

Financial Market News & Analysis From Around the Intertubes…




There is so much data flying around out there.  From the Credit data we reviewed yesterday to weakening manufacturing and exports to employment up nicely one month and down big the next, to frisky consumers (the economy’s ‘back end’, putting it nicely) out there confidently living it up.

Big pictures help us let it all simmer and take out the noise.  Here is a big picture for you… and it is an unchanged story; America has eaten its financial seed corn (replacing it with the soft meal known as credit) and financial market analysis is now in the hands of data freaks parsing and quantifying every little twitch on short time frames to draw conclusions and extrapolations based on little more than a black hole (that would be debt).

Here is the 10 year yield (blue shaded area) pinned down for decades by our ‘Continuum’ indicator, the monthly EMA 100 along with the 2 year yield (orange).


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Financial news & analysis from around the web


Looking for Your MoM?

By Biiwii

From a subscriber who is a massive market and economic geek (I mean, seemingly insatiable in the things he digs up), comes this MoM change on various economic indicators.  This comes by way of @dv_dend


If Sentiment Were a Currency

By Alhambra Investment Partners

The ECB having announced and then implemented at least some kind of QE plan, the entire economist community has adjusted their economic projections upward in uniform, flocking fashion. They haven’t had to make much of an adjustment because they never downgraded economic expectations much to begin with. That is why almost every news story about the economy (and not just in Europe) includes some grammatical derivation of “unexpected” usually right in the opening paragraph.

German factory orders unexpectedly fell for a second month in February in a sign Europe’s largest economy is still prone to risks.

If that isn’t representative from Bloomberg, here’s another opening from Bloomberg also discussing German factory orders:

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Another Scene from ‘Peak Fed'; Dudley: Go Slow

By Biiwii

Another Scene From ‘Peak Fed': Dudley Signals ‘Go-Slow’ Approach

clowncarYou see the humor of it all.

Policy makers’ shear predictability (good cops and bad cops always at the ready, with market events dictating which ones eat the mic at any given time.  Or if you prefer the little clown car analogy, they drive to center ring, honk honk honk… and out they spill doing tricks and feats of daring do at every sensitive juncture when the market needs a little relief.

The hyper intense preoccupation the market (a collection of millions of decision makers and black boxes) has for the buttoned down eggheads, and its responses to each and every predictable Jawbone does not help people keep a handle on rational market management, but it is entertaining for now as long as you’re not positioned incorrectly (like long or short, ha ha ha).

It’s stupidly comical in the way it continues so predictably with people apparently still taking it seriously.  Well, the mainstream media do, anyway.  I guess they are not really people.

Dow down 100, ‘Fed may delay rate hike’ story gains steam, Dow up a 100.  What’s the diff?  At some point this skittish silliness is going to end and the market will choose a direction.

Fed’s Dudley signals go-slow approach to rate hike

Here is what is actually happening.  We are in a long and slow (and I mean slooooow) process of witnessing the zenith of confidence in the Fed (Peak Fed) as one day, even the dimmest, most sycophantic market participant is going to cotton on to the fact that these people are no more knowledgeable or in control than the rest of us (they just have a bigger bag and more tricks).  Peak Fed → Confidence drains → Market gets about its business.

It’ll take patience though; sort of like how the ‘Peak Oil’ promotion took a long time to play out.  By the way, consider ‘Peak Fed‘ as a © ™ of Biiwii.com.  It’s a great theme, and it is happening in my opinion, right here and now.  Best of all, it’s got very distinct investment themes going forward.

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Market News and Analysis From Around the Intertubes


Corporate Guidance Decelerates

By Biiwii

Last week over at NFTRH.com we noted that GDP was lame, Corporate Profits were in decline and well, this was just not gonna be good for anyone.  It’s just plain bad chicken!


That is my style of less than serious economic discussion.  From FactSet however, comes a more serious style of economic discussion.

Lowest Number of Companies Issuing Positive Guidance since 2006

“For Q1 2015, 85 companies in the S&P 500 have issued negative EPS guidance and 16 companies have issued positive EPS guidance. If 16 is the final number of companies issuing positive EPS guidance for the quarter, it will mark the lowest number since Q1 2006. The number of companies issuing negative EPS guidance for Q1 2015 is above the trailing five-year average (76), but slightly below the trailing one-year average (87) for a quarter.”


Read the whole article linked above.  It’s pretty short.

So we have declining corporate profits and guidance and we have a steadily easing ISM per this post at NFTRH.com.  What we also have is a preferred plan that is creeping forward inch by mind numbingly deliberate inch.

Strike 2 on Chicago

By Alhambra Investment Partners

The continued disappointment of economic data is starting to weigh, but only as concerns might be directed toward Q1. Despite all projections for a sharp rebound after January’s dreariness, February figures continue on the downside and now March indications are not much better. The latest is the ISM Chicago Business Barometer (formerly Chicago PMI) which remained in significant contraction for a second straight month in March. That would tend to suggest warmer weather is not yet equating; expectations remain undeterred.

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Market News & Analysis From Around the Web