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Around the Web

  • What the market doom and gloomers fail to grasp about anemic growth  –Nouriel Roubini [biiwii comment:  still fighting a war that was already won – against hyperinflationists and commodity mega bulls. this link is included to show what the mainstream takes as gospel from a rock star economist. a good amount of this article is hogwash, you can pick out the b/s for yourself ;-) ]
  • Will the Top Callers Get Clowned Again?  –Josh Brown  [biiwii comment: that remains to be seen josh, but as NFTRH just illustrated for its subscribers, there is a potential scenario for a bear trap and bounce]


Pivotal Events

Guest Post by Bob Hoye

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Around the Web


Around the Web


Around the Web

  • Gold… and a Ramble  –NFTRH [biiwii comment: he’s bitching and moaning again about the misperceptions game surrounding the monetary value relic]
  • Bracing for Stagnation  –Raghuram Rajan  [biiwii comment: errr… one of my heroes. thx for the link, Hammer]


A Solemn Pause

Guest Post by James Howard Kunstler

E vents are moving faster than brains now. Isn’t it marvelous that gasoline at the pump is a buck cheaper than it was a year ago? A lot of short-sighted idiots are celebrating, unaware that the low oil price is destroying the capacity to deliver future oil at any price. The shale oil wells in North Dakota and Texas, the Tar Sand operations of Alberta, and the deep-water rigs here and abroad just don’t pencil-out economically at $45-a-barrel. So the shale oil wells that are up-and-running will produce for a year and there will be no new ones drilled when they peter out — which is at least 50 percent the first year and all gone after four years.

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18% Recession Threshold

Guest Post by Tom McClellan

The 18% Recession Threshold

Federal tax receipts and the SP500
January 18, 2015

Last week I wrote about how big federal deficits are good for the stock market.  They are bad for total indebtedness that we are leaving for our grandchildren to deal with, but they are great for stock market investors.  In a similar way, when there is a very small deficit or even a surplus, it tends to be a big negative factor for stock prices.

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NFTRH 326 Out Now

There is a lot happening across global financial markets.  We go in depth into US stocks, review global stocks, make sharp points about commodities, cover macro indicators in depth and get very detailed on the precious metals.  A relatively easy reading 38 pages (lots of graphics) and a clear focus.


Messin’ With My Financial Brain

Guest Post by Doug Wakefield

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Around the Web

  • GDX vs. SPY; Different This Time  –NFTRH  [biiwii comment: what is different is that the main gold sector hype has been how deflation is going to destroy gold stocks; Ukraine was so summer of 2014]
  • What, Us Worry?  Economists Stay Upbeat as Markets See Trouble  –Bloomberg  [biiwii comment: look, things may indeed be fine for now; the forward data will tell the story. but how many mainstream economists saw the bubble top in 2000, the credit bubble, housing bubble and the coming liquidations of all manner of leveraged excess in 2008?  answer… see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…]