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Googling a Profit

I have only traded GOOGL long previously and see no reason to be greedy here.  I am taking a profit on a short before it hits the old S/T bottoming pattern (shaded) that I had used as a bullish marker previously.  This is the chart from Friday that showed the break down.


‘Bounce Long’ Google

It’s probably getting about time to take the profit on this one.  It’s only 4.5% but it’s my largest single stock position.  As noted previously, I have a few fundamental longs, a chart long (bull flag) on a Semi stock and Mr. Bounce Long, Google.  It’s always fun when people perceived as bearish like me do their buying amidst bull pukage and it works out.

GOOGL is probably going to boink the lower wedge line, but I may think about profit taking soon.  In this racket you never know.  When I covered the shorts on EWP, SPY and sold FAZ, I thought I might be leaving something on the table from the short side.  Well, no not really.  It was a good time to dump the shorts.  Now I have the same thing going on with Google here, in reverse.  Got to love the markets.  [edit]  Though a look at the weekly chart and a comparison to the QQQ makes me think twice… dohhh!  Be decisive Gary!  Well, it’s a free site and thus I am not paid for decisiveness here.  


Google, Microsoft & AMD Join Intel in the Dumps

Google, Microsoft and AMD joined Intel, which helped shave the SOX yesterday in an otherwise bullish market, in the earnings disappointment sweepstakes.

But then again, this market is all about its obsession with Fed policy isn’t it?  If earnings season disappoints it keeps alive our biggest picture scenario, which is economic contraction being fought by inflationary monetary policy.

That is all I care about because sooner or later if confirmed, the correct investment themes (or lack thereof) will present themselves within this environment.  One thing I will say is that inflation proponents – especially in the precious metals – did not need a blow out Google quarter and a robustly cheering US stock market.  So that’s a √ in the fundamental column there.

Now, about crude oil… the next target is 110 and it needs to hold around there.

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Apple Falling From the Tree

I did indeed buy a little Google based on the chart shown a few days ago, for an anticipated Santa rally.  It’s an okay company with a stock chart that showed it had tested a huge support zone.  My favorite tech company is Apple, but I wouldn’t touch this stock with a 10′ pole.  Not until the noted support area near 400, anyway.

Think about the herd that piled into this bubble.  How bad will it get as more and more of them realize the bubble popped?  I am sure the wise guy traders are all out and the more alert mom & pop investors.  But what about that final tier folks who only peek at their portfolio every 3 months when a statement comes?  If AAPL could get a quick, panicked drop to 400 it could be a good trade if the regular stock market is still strong at the time.  I’ve got it on watch.