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How Government Works  Bill Bonner  5.31.13
Bonds and the “Convexity Trade”  Michael Ashton  5.31.13
BEA Revises Q1 GDP Growth Down Slightly to 2.38%…  Consumer Metrics  5.31.13 (e)
Hedge Funds for Sale: Only $1000 to Join  tBP  5.31.13 (e)
How Cheap Credit Fuels Income Wealth Inequality  Of 2 Minds  5.31.13 (e)
Financial Market Articles & News  Biiwii.com/EWI  5.31.13
Is This China’s ‘Minsky Moment’?  Zero Hedge  5.31.13 (e)


Morning Reading

How Government Justifies Itself  Bill Bonner  11.27.12
Modernity Bites  James Howard Kunstler  11.27.12
Stock Market Technical Conditions Update  Acting Man  11.27.12
Today’s News & Traders’ Blog  INO.com  11.27.12
State Default Risk Continues to Lighten  B.I.G.  11.27.12


Morning Reading

The Origins of Government  Bill Bonner  11.23.12
Pivotal Events  Bob Hoye  11.23.12 pdf
Gold Price Forecasts: Should You Ignore the Consensus?  Chris Mayer  11.23.12
2012: The Tipping Point – the Results Are in – Bankers Lost  Darryl Robert Schoon  11.23.12
For Republicans, an Opportunity at the Fiscal Cliff  Forbes  11.23.12
Argentina’s Upcoming Technical Default  Zero Hedge  11.23.12
Today’s News & Traders’ Blog  INO.com  11.23.12


NFTRH 212 Out Now

Two things of note happened this weekend.

  1. The threaded seal to our kitchen sink’s drain basket broke off causing what appeared to be plumber worthy situation (hence, the plumber reference in the screenshot below).  Since it was a Saturday afternoon, rather than try to find a plumber on an emergency (and premium) basis, I set out for Home Depot and got the parts and tools needed, got under there and fixed the thing.  Needless to say the feeling of self-satisfaction is palpable… YES!
  2. I managed to squeeze in a 27 page newsletter that I think did its job in fine fashion.

NFTRH 212, out now.

nftrh 212