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Which Way Long Term Yields?

The ‘taper’ chatter is under wraps for the moment with the 10 year yield dropping the last few days and economic data dribbling in less than stellar.  Have you heard that US consumer confidence is falling?  How about that US home price growth is slowing?


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What’s Next for Stock Market Leadership?

So far, Kabuki Dance #3 has not produced the same effect as #’s 1 and 2 for the leading BKX-SPX ratio.  ‘The same effect’ would be great media hysteria and negative market action followed by a decision by authorities that was in the bag the whole time and a miraculous and predictable market rebound.


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SLV & ITB, Calls & Puts

In a small and separate trading account I have calls on the top thing and puts on the bottom thing.  The account is small and separate so I do not have to look at it too much and out think myself.

SLV & ITB, weekly

Silver needs to hold support and the Homies need to lose it.  We’ll see how it goes.

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