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2 Out of 2 Charts Agree; Nasdaq 100 Target is 3600 +/-

The daily chart would logically project to the 50 day moving averages if the bounce continues and gains strength [edit] because in a down trend that is a notable ‘if’.


The weekly chart agrees that 3600 is the target with the broken trend channel and lateral resistance.

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Big Test for Big Tech

The Nasdaq 100 index needs to find support as noted on the chart or the switch is going to flip back to bearish… like, quickly.


QQQuestion Answered?

Well, actually we used the Nasdaq 100 chart, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to make a cute post title.  Last week we asked if the similar setup in the NDX (and hence, the QQQ as well) would manifest in a similar outcome (in this case, bullish).  We may be getting our answer as NDX powers above the 50 day averages.


US Stock Market Snapshot

The Nasdaq 100 has dropped to an obvious support level (50 day MA’s & lateral visual) from the top of a Reverse Symmetrical Triangle.

NDX weekly from NFTRH 280

Other leadership indexes like the Russell 2000 (small caps) don’t look so hot either, and yet here stand the Semiconductors, with SOX still above the important breakout line and still doing its Bollinger Band creep routine.

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Dow Lower Low, But…

The Dow is at a lower low to December and that is very bearish.  But its amigos from the 2013 US stock party have not violated the December lows.  FYI…


QQQ 60 Minute Chart Updated

Yesterday we reviewed 3 charts, the 60 minute versions of DIA, SPY and QQQ with their respective decision lines.  Well, here’s a view of the Cube after it cut its line to shreds.


You know, when you think about it you really can’t blame the Vampire Squid.  It issued its analysis about a very over valued stock market on Monday.  You cannot cry that Goldman is in cahoots with Bernanke toward an evil bullish plan.  At least not now.

You can however blame the runaway greed of the least sophisticated investor sponsorship since this bull began in 2009 (actually, the NDX low was in Q4, 2008 if I am not mistaken?).  Remember the sponsorship for silver in 2011?  That was dumb or emotional money getting gung ho for the ‘Silver to $100!’ pitch amid rising inflation expectations.  Not to say it can’t get there one day in the far out future, but in spring of 2011 that was pure hype.

In early 2011 the risk marker (to commodities) – as we noted back then – was as it is today in other areas; the TYX ‘Continuum’ chart was at a limit and so were inflation hysterics.  Silver was one of the inflated assets that bubbled up back then.  Now it’s a different animal enjoying the spirits.

Nasdaq 100 Breaks Resistance

I don’t know what can be said about this other than it’s bullish (duh) and they are winning… (duh).

Nasdaq 100 daily, click for full size

Yes there are negative divergences from the small caps, the emerging markets, the Tranny and even the Canary’s Canary (AMAT vs. SOX).  There are negative divergences on most indexes by RSI and MACD.  But this is bullish until it is not.  Standing in the way of it has brought pain down on the bears just as standing in the way of a downtrend has to gold bugs.

This market will change one day, and I think it will be soon and it will be abrupt.  But right now?  It’s more of the same.

Bull Progression or H&S?

Is the NDX (QQQ) in a progression of higher highs and higher lows (yes, so far) forecasting new highs or about 80% of the way through completing an H&S top?  I ask because I really don’t know.  I’d say that the H&S is just conjecture and speculation while the series of higher highs and lows is fact.  So there, I guess that’s the answer.


US Stock Market Leading Indicator NDX-SPX

We have been watching the leading NDX in ratio to the lagging SPX in NFTRH for weeks now.  Here is a weekly view showing the ratio having dropped below a formerly supportive moving average, MACD gone red for the first time since the ’08 crash, RSI below resistance and AROON on a weekly downtrend.  Also, a trend line is tossed in for good measure.

Why then am I not short the US markets?  Because as has been the case so often in this wretched year of 2012, policy makers and politicians are too heavily in play.  But taken at face value, this chart sucks; as do the US markets when you factor in smart/dumb money data and a degenerating sentiment backdrop.  Now let’s see what the conspirators in Washington come up with in the can kicking sweepstakes.