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NFTRH 286 Out Now

nftrh286Think about the year long topping process of up and down spikes on the HUI Gold Bugs index in 2011.  Now think about things that may be working on replicas of that activity (hello US stocks) and things in the mirror that may be working on the inverse of it (hello grinding and dispiriting gold sector).

Now think about how long these processes take to play out and the patience involved.  Also think about trading or defaulting to cash, because at times of change the volatility is something to behold (going both ways).

NFTRH 286 out now.


Morning Report – Precious Metals

Guest Post by Ino.com

Market Summary
The Dow Future is higher 19 points to 16506. The US Dollar Index moved higher by 0.069 points to 80.288. Gold has slipped 5.57 dollars to 1286.80. Silver is trending lower 0.0990 dollars to 19.8575. The Dow Industrials rose 40.39 points, at 16573.00, while the S&P 500 trended higher 5.38 points, last seen at 1890.90. The Nasdaq Composite moved up 8.60 points to 4276.64. 

Metals Snapshot
Symbol Last Change %
GOLD Jun 2014 1284.3 -6.5 -0.50%
SPDR GOLD SHARES 124.31 +0.92 +0.74%
SILVER May 2014 19.840 -0.210 -1.05%
PALLADIUM Jun 2014 784.65 -3.15 -0.40%


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Obama Ukraine Speech Drops Market?

So is that what went on?  Markets will be back to positive tomorrow?  Well a positive for the gold bugs is that the precious metals did not try to do any popping on Ukraine hype.  They are busy fulfilling downside objectives and it is best they get that done sooner rather than later.

But the interest rate fundamentals must be married with the technicals.  They are interesting today.

In other news, I guess the question of why Europe and Emerging are strong is answered by the ECB and China stimulus hype going around.  I swear, without hype we would not have a financial market.  It’s what makes the (financial) world go round.

A Good Sign in the Precious Metals

I am not going to name names or direct links to the source because I think what goes on in another manager’s shop between himself and his subscribers is their business, not ours.  But I did note that an astute precious metals oriented trading service just had a public talking to with its subscribers, many of whom apparently are really feeling the grind of this consolidation in the precious metals.

That is a good thing because as NFTRH has been noting for a couple weeks now the mounting bearish CoT data and the over bullish sentiment have been bad things… for the short term (with not hardly a peep about them from the ‘community’ I might add).  So seeing a capable trader’s subscriber base getting antsy (or worse) is very positive in that it implies that maybe gold bugs are getting jumpy and feeling the heat, which is what any good correction should do.

The manager does by the way advise that people back off of leverage and/or large position size if the ability to sleep is being compromised.  I for one do not have the psychological makeup to endure significant draw downs on my portfolios, so as advised in NFTRH a few weeks ago, I began the process of trimming positions to be in line with my makeup.

That is good advice for everybody folks.  We are each of us only human and subject to different levels of emotion and discipline.  First rule of trading and investing… know yourself.  Don’t think you know yourself.  Know yourself!

NFTRH 281 Out Now

I have not noticed too many gold sector experts talking about certain indicators that are no longer favorable.  Funny how that goes.  It’s short term stuff though, so maybe the idea is to go along and get along.  Don’t ruffle feathers or upset the apple cart.  NFTRH 281 ruffles a few feathers but beyond the near term has significantly higher targets for later in 2014.

There is also some crackhead stuff in here as 6 Semiconductor charts that I find constructive are presented (with targets) in the event that the SOX holds its breakout and the market goes into blow off mode.

In all 34 pages of quality reporting.  NFTRH 281, out now.