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3 M’s of Gold Mining – Almaden Fits the Bill

For reference, see the previous post that had a TGR interview talking about Management, Management & Management when it comes to what’s important in stock selection.  And in the same post see Rick Rule’s thoughts on management of a different kind; RISK management, also compliments of TGR.

My personal ‘speculation’ portfolio is heavily weighted toward what I consider quality producers, royalty and even exploration (as noted in NFTRH 214 this week).  Others can have the speculative stuff for now.  I want a combination of viable assets, net cash and management.  Almaden, headed by J.D. Poliquin has long been a core exploration holding for me due to its lower risk business plan and due to MANAGEMENT.

Almaden Discovers New High Grade Area…

FYI, I have traded this stock since long before I even knew who Brent Cook was.  Though it helps that he’s high on it now.