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NFTRH 365 Out Now

By Biiwii

A solid 36 page report.  The market bounce matures as it enters our target zone and sentiment is the indicator.  Precious Metals continue to improve on the macro, but carry rising risk on the short-term.  Question: Is HUI going to get to the 150’s before or after short-term risk is realized?  Answer: I don’t know, but we are ready either way.  Much more too.  NFTRH 365 Out now.

nftrh 365

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By Biiwii


AAII Sentiment Elevated

The ratio of bulls and bears in the latest AAII sentiment survey is unhealthy for the stock market on the short-term view.  In fact it is as close to as unhealthy as it gets during the cyclical bull out of 2009.

Sentimentrader has a cool new chart engine that allows you to dial back a chart to historical views.  This one shows a declining trend in sentiment during the Greenspan era cyclical bull (2003-2007) and a rising one on the current cycle.  This one may be destined for higher highs in sentiment before it flames out.

But the recent cluster of spiking activity is sufficient to get a good correction going in the interim.  That said, over bullish sentiment is a condition of a top, not a directive.



Here’s the up close (2014) view showing a level of 73, nearly matching the one that brought the January market disturbance.


Update; Precious Metals

HUI has declined to 215 and made a marginal lower low from the start of the bear flag in the 216’s.  We had been anticipating 210 as the critical support to a bottoming scenario.  So, given the proclivity of this sector to test limits, let’s keep that alive.

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Gold Contrary Indicators

gold.barA ‘White Paper’ article on contrary indicators in the emotion packed gold sector.  Make it them work for, not against you.

The gold sector is peopled by a high concentration of contrary indicators because it is a relatively (to the vast world of equities and bonds) small market that offers refuge from some of the damaging aspects of the spectrum of investment products that are supported by the manipulation of interest rates and printed (and digitally created) money supplies.  Thus, gold has moral high ground if an asset can be thought to have morality.

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A Good Sign in the Precious Metals

I am not going to name names or direct links to the source because I think what goes on in another manager’s shop between himself and his subscribers is their business, not ours.  But I did note that an astute precious metals oriented trading service just had a public talking to with its subscribers, many of whom apparently are really feeling the grind of this consolidation in the precious metals.

That is a good thing because as NFTRH has been noting for a couple weeks now the mounting bearish CoT data and the over bullish sentiment have been bad things… for the short term (with not hardly a peep about them from the ‘community’ I might add).  So seeing a capable trader’s subscriber base getting antsy (or worse) is very positive in that it implies that maybe gold bugs are getting jumpy and feeling the heat, which is what any good correction should do.

The manager does by the way advise that people back off of leverage and/or large position size if the ability to sleep is being compromised.  I for one do not have the psychological makeup to endure significant draw downs on my portfolios, so as advised in NFTRH a few weeks ago, I began the process of trimming positions to be in line with my makeup.

That is good advice for everybody folks.  We are each of us only human and subject to different levels of emotion and discipline.  First rule of trading and investing… know yourself.  Don’t think you know yourself.  Know yourself!

Finally a Good and Bearish Stock Market Headline

1929 Crash Analog?  That was so February 21, 2014.  This morning MarketWatch has a headline that can neuter the bullish effects of the Analog and its brethren that have littered the media at the slightest hint of trouble in the stock market.  This gives me more bearish feelings than any red futures would on any given day.  The market eats those for breakfast.


Meanwhile, the dumb money is lapping it up again…


And I continue to love the quiet beauty of this chart…


Still not a word about it outside of this little corner of the interwebs.  Nice and quiet… ssshhhh…

‘Risk ON’ Trying for a Comeback

Will you look at those ‘risk ON’ lunatics go?  They’re irrepressible in their lust for return I tell you.  Keep chasing the dream you crazies.



How [They] Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the [Market]

How I [they] Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [Market]  paraphrasing Stanley Kubrick’s great cold war/nuclear paranoia film Dr. Strangelove (1964).


The USA thrived during a 20th century rife with war, famine and depression.  This was a wealthy country however, founded on principles of self-reliance and valuing  thrift, saving and honest work for an honest return.  Add in unparalleled productivity and economically at least, the positives more than outpaced the negatives.

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