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Prediction: Gold and Ratio Up, Stocks Down

By Monetary Metals

[Biiwii comment: While I personally don’t like making predictions, I have put this post up regardless, because once I commit to a guest author I do not edit or filter their viewpoints.  FWIW however, I generally agree with Mr. Weiner’s assessment of the gold-silver ratio’s target as current NFTRH (and Biiwii) noted targets are ‘low 80’s to 90’; and we also are on a “stocks down” path currently.  Also see Catching Up on Some Gold Ratios just posted at NFTRH.com this morning]

The price of gold moved up moderately, and the price of silver moved down a few cents this week. However, there were some interesting fireworks in the middle of the week. Tuesday, the prices dropped and Thursday the prices of the metals popped $23 and $0.34 respectively.

Everyone can judge the sentiment prevailing in gold and silver articles for themselves, but we think there is a growing feeling of optimism (that is a renewed fall in the dollar, which most think is a rise in gold). This goes along with a sense that the long bull run in the stock market is rolling over.

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The Mythical Silver Shortage

By Steve Saville

This post is an excerpt from a recent TSI commentary.

Excited talk of a silver shortage has made its annual reappearance. This talk is always based on anecdotal evidence of silver coins or small bars being difficult to obtain in some parts of the world via retail coin dealers. It never has anything to do with the overall supply situation.

Shortages of silver and gold in certain manufactured forms favoured by the public will periodically arise, often because of a sudden and unanticipated (by the mints) increase in the public’s demand for these items. Furthermore, the increase in the public’s demand is often a reaction to a sharp price decline, the reason being that in the immediate aftermath of a sharp price decline the metals will look cheap regardless of whether they are actually cheap based on the fundamental drivers of value.

These periodic shortages of bullion in some of the manufactured forms favoured by the public are not important considerations when assessing future price potential. The main reason is that the total volume of metal purchased by the public in such forms is a veritable drop in the market ocean. For example, the total worldwide volume of silver in coin form purchased by the public in a YEAR is less than the amount of silver that changes hands via the LBMA in an average trading DAY.

If gold continues to rally over the weeks ahead then silver will also rally. By the same token, if gold doesn’t rally over the weeks ahead then neither will silver. In other words, regardless of any anecdotal evidence of silver shortages at coin shops, silver’s short-term price trend will be determined by gold’s short-term price trend. Furthermore, if the gold price rises then the silver price will probably rise by a greater percentage, the reason being that the silver/gold ratio is close to a multi-decade low (implying: silver is very cheap relative to gold).

silver-gold ratio, a silver shortage?

A final point worth making on this topic is that the claims of silver or gold shortages that periodically spring-up are not only misguided, they are dangerous. This relates to the fact that the most popular argument against gold and silver recapturing their monetary roles is that there isn’t enough of the stuff to go around. The gold and silver enthusiasts who cry “major shortage!” whenever it temporarily becomes difficult to buy coins from the local shop are therefore effectively supporting the case AGAINST the future use of gold and silver as money. You see, a critical characteristic of money is that obtaining it is always solely a question of price.

Gold and Silver: Price Moves & Term Structures

By Monetary Metals

The prices of the metals moved up a bunch this week, with gold + $32 and silver +$0.55. We have seen some discussion of gold backwardation in the context of scarcity, and hence setting expectations of higher prices. That’s good, as the swings from contango to backwardation and back are the only way to understand changing supply and demand in the market.

You should be cautious about trading yesterday’s news. There was indeed backwardation in gold and silver. However, the cobasis is a sensitive indicator. It predicts the likely path of the price, but you should get an updated picture before buying based on an old reading after a sizeable price move.

In this Report, we’ll look at both metals bases, as well as their cobasis term structures. So read on…

First, here is the graph of the metals’ prices.

The Prices of Gold and Silver
letter sep 20 prices, gold and silver

We are interested in the changing equilibrium created when some market participants are accumulating hoards and others are dishoarding. Of course, what makes it exciting is that speculators can (temporarily) exaggerate or fight against the trend. The speculators are often acting on rumors, technical analysis, or partial data about flows into or out of one corner of the market. That kind of information can’t tell them whether the globe, on net, is hoarding or dishoarding.

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Elliott Wave Theorist, Free

By Biiwii

Robert Prechter’s August Elliott Wave Theorist is free, no strings.  I skimmed it and it is a big enough picture of the markets to be very applicable now.  A big review of Dow Theory and US stocks and gold, silver, miners, oil and commodities.

Say what you will about Prechter – and he certainly elicits strong feelings both ways – but he nailed crude oil going back to 2007.  He has infinite patience; maybe too much patience, it seems sometimes.

Anyway, the EWT is always an interesting read.  Go get it for free…

The Elliott Wave Theorist

elliott wave theorist, robert prechter

Gold, Silver & Horse Betting Report

By Monetary Metals

Consider the sport of betting on the sport of horse racing. It’s actually similar to the analysis of the gold and silver markets. How’s that?

First, there is the manic-depressive crowd. Sometimes (as we are told—we don’t hang out at race tracks) the bettors sometimes get overly excited about a horse with slim chances to win, or get totally unexcited about a strong horse. The track responds by lowering or raising the payout for winning, respectively. The more betting on a horse, the lower the payout.

The track does not care which horse is likely to win or not win. What it wants to do is take its rake from the total bets placed. It does this by making a spread between what it takes in on all the horses, and what it will have to pay out if any given horse wins. We don’t know the precise formula, but if horse X gets ¼ of the total bets then the payout if X wins had better be less than 4:1.

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Gold and Silver Supply/Demand Report

By Monetary Metals

[biiwii comment: introducing a new, quality contributor to our exclusive short-list]

This was a fairly quiet week in the market for the metals, with a min-rally on Thursday especially in silver which hit almost $15. By the end of the week, the price of gold was down $13 and the price of silver was up 3 cents. The action was elsewhere (e.g. equities and currencies).

We don’t think that the price action necessarily tells us anything by itself. That’s why we look at it in the light of the basis action—the spread between spot and futures. What happened to the fundamentals of the metals this week? Read on…

First, here is the graph of the metals’ prices.

The Prices of Gold and Silver
letter sep 6 prices

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Precious Metals Risk Management

By Biiwii

[edit]  Profit booked on JDST and partial DSLV.  Off to NFTRH.com for an update.

As noted in NFTRH 352:

I thought about releasing my JDST position on Friday because it is very profitable and because it appears that capitulation is in the air. But then I thought about the margin clerk and all those names he may be preparing to call upon on Monday. I thought about how my main intent is not to profit from the precious metals decline but to be intact for buying its bottom. I am not now nor never have been a bearish trader of great skill.

I released a portion of JDST on Monday’s pukage because it had me weighted too net short (ref. the bit above about my lack of bear trader skills) after Monday’s big shoe dropped.  I thankfully kept the rest of the position, which is today at a 100% profit.  But that is still not the position’s primary objective.

Due to this disgusting chart’s measurement, I decided to buy 3x Silver short DSLV (now nicely profitable as well) a couple days ago as silver bounced.  After discussing the favorable trend developing in the gold and silver CoT structures last weekend #352 noted the following bearish technical situation in silver due to a loss of critical support.


The CoT are simply representations of what the various traders are doing on balance. The ‘commercials’ (incl. a large contingent of companies within the gold industry) tend to be net short but that does not force the large speculators to buy. These large entities buy, gold sector promoters tout it and then the whole thing gets cleaned out. Don’t personalize it. That is emotion. Use it. Anyway, technically silver can easily swoop down into the 13’s if a capitulation event comes into play. Understand that these price objectives on Au and Ag are not predictions; they are measurements.

I expect the macro to turn over the next several weeks to few months.  But for right now a process needs to finish up in the precious metals.  We will need to see what the heretofore perma bulls are saying.  Some have already switched bearish, which is positive.  But others continue to live in denial and I think this process wants to address that.

So I use the bear funds as hedges with a plan to (very) slowly add quality junior miners/exploration near the targets we have laid out, and hopefully these bear funds turn out to be profit vehicles if I can use enough patience and get the timing right.  So we’ll see how that goes.  They could be sold about 2 minutes after this post goes up or they could be held into a final swoosh.  They are dangerous vehicles, however, and not for long-term holds.

I don’t pretend to be a fancy trader because I can be a Keystone Kop in that area sometimes.  One thing I do pretend to be is a hard core risk manager and that has been working out very well.  Hopefully soon, the other side of ‘risk manager’ can emerge.  That would be ‘risk taker’ when RvR gets compelling (ref. Q4 2008).*

* As noted a million times already, the macro funda (for US players, anyway) are not currently what they were in Q4 2008.  Not nearly, as long as the stock market remains aloft and Treasury yield spreads remain depressed, and as long as market participants take the Fed seriously.

Precious Metals Extremis?

By Biiwii

The precious metals, which happen to be my anticipated next big macro (long) trade have been bearish since HUI lost 460 for the last time back in oh, what, 2012?  And that was being lenient.  Not being a cycles guy, I was not able to time the top.  I merely observed support parameters and informed NFTRH subscribers of technical violations first, and early eLetter readers subsequently as well (the eLetter was launched after the bear market began).

So now here we are, with the precious metals doing what they usually do when looking to end a bear phase; they are becoming extreme, as in waterfalling…


There is a solid contingent of analysts and writers now bearish on the precious metals.  There are also the perma-pom poms and idiotic hallucinations like the “drop dead gorgeous bull wedge” on GDX above (it failed as expected about 15% ago).  There have still been too many of these guys out there, obsessing on the precious metals every step of the way calling play-by-play for transfixed gold bugs.

Anyway, what there also is is an HUI target from 2012/2013 of around 100, based on the old monthly H&S top.


This is cross referenced with a gross looking pattern on the weekly chart.  Below is the blown up view of a more detailed chart, showing the pattern.  Here’s the NFTRH 351 excerpt that went with it…

Below we blow up the above chart (no pun intended) to show the breakdown.  The little pattern measures roughly 210-150 = 60; 160 (breakdown point)-60 = 100.

 What I find interesting here is that for years now, the big H&S top on the monthly chart has had a target of 100 (+/-).  While nothing in TA is set in stone (it’s an art based on probabilities, not a science), confluence adds to the probabilities.  The weekly and monthly charts each have independent patterns indicating the same general target.


For years now the sector has been bearish, but at the same time, being a macro trend trader (i.e. my desired mode is not this daily and weekly trading I have had to do in the mature stock market bull, it is to try to anticipate a big new trend or macro theme and be positioned for it) I am thinking like a predator or hunter, as has been advised in NFTRH.

In a situation like this, all you can do is have patience and your best laid targets and plans.  I hold exactly 5 junior miners (as of this writing), all of which have charts that are vastly better than HUI and GDX (and GDXJ for that matter) above.  I also have been shorting NUGT and holding JDST for full protection against what has been an uninterrupted bearish technical view and an incomplete macro fundamental view.

I know that NFTRH subscribers are prepared and hope that eLetter readers and website readers are prepared as well to the extent they have been able to read gain information and between the lines.

While I have conflicts going on (like the still <barely> intact Semiconductor market leadership vs. the deplorably bearish looking Palladium-Gold ratio) I think we are heading into Extremis, Q4 2008 style.  Timing?  Not sure.  Only regular work will help tell that story.  A short-term bottom could come about in the PM complex at any moment, before THE bottom.  However, THE bottom could come sooner rather than later if that waterfall continues to spill.

Regardless, whether it is measured in hours, days, weeks or even months still, it is time for the real gold bugs (the ones who long ago tuned out the cartoon characters the sector holds aloft) to be ready to act.

Hype in the “Community” is Always Punished

By Biiwii

IKN has been pointing out the stupidity of some Apple Watch gold consumption hype and most recently, the non-flight to quality amidst Greece blah blah blah… He is at least as sensitive as I am to this stuff.  More so, maybe.

While I have personally tried to tone down the criticism of the cartoons in the gold “community”, I find it difficult with one writer in particular leading the naive into the GDX (with its “drop dead gorgeous bull wedge”), into the Indian Wedding and China demand stories and as a topping on the cartoonish cake, the ‘US jobs will drive inflation so make like the smart money and BUY GOLD before the big institutions do!’ garbage.

I get irritated by this stuff.  Some people call me sanctimonious (while cherry picking and misinterpreting a chart I put up) and I call myself judgmental, for sure.  That is not really a great trait to have, but at least I know who and how I am.  Speaking for the defense, this is mostly applied when I think that people are being misled to their potential harm by stuff that they are reading and assuming is authoritative.

News flash:  Nobody writing on the internet in general and the financial media in particular, is authoritative.  Present company included.

Last year at this time Ukraine, Russia and eventually Ebola were stoking up.  NFTRH kept a constant warning in force that the rally in the precious metals complex was happening for the wrong reasons (i.e. trade it, but don’t bite on the b/s).  Right out front beating the bull drum were some of these entities about which I am highly critical today.  The result for last summer’s unsuspecting true believers?  New freaking lows in gold, silver and the miners.

It was interesting because last summer NFTRH experienced a temporary net decline in subscribership.  I thought it was just a typical summer drop off, but I also could just feel certain gold aficionados in the base getting fed up with me.  You can always sense when gold bugs start dropping off.  It tends to happen when I don’t tell them enough of what they want to hear.

This summer (so far, anyway) there has been no drop off and indeed there has been a slight increase in net subscribership.  The only way I can explain it is that we have been fully prepared every step of the way for the bearish things happening to gold, silver and the average* miner.  That along with the fact that we have been bullishly managing markets that have deserved to be managed, unlike the precious metals to this point.

In other words this summer I am not being punished for being negative because precious metals prices are not running upward, making charlatans with nicer things to say look like gurus.  People are valuing what is, as opposed to what they ideally might want to be.  Oh and also I think that the last several years have been a process of winnowing the real hard ass gold bugs out of the base and leaving a group of well rounded market participants.  I like that.

This is not a ‘trash the precious metals’ post.  Changes are coming, but first you need to be intact, have several macro fundmental and technical indicators cross referenced and in line and be prepared to be brave when the sheep (funny how the most dogmatic “community” on earth calls regular people “sheeple”, isn’t it?) are being sheared.

* I am fully aware that there are standout exceptions, which is why I currently hold 3 junior gold stocks (alongside a short against NUGT).

Silver-Gold Ratio & USD

By Biiwii

Okay, one last precious metals short-term micro management exercise before moving back to a more generalized market view.

Actually, this one is pertinent to many other items as it is our gauge for the probabilities of an anti-USD ‘inflation trade’ bounce.  Silver-Gold ratio is still alive despite silver’s hard down this morning, and Uncle Buck is still below his MA 50 despite today’s strong bounce.


Gold Ratios Today; Ag-Au & Au-Pd

By Biiwii

A couple of our most recently watched gold ratios..

Silver-Gold ratio bounced today, keeping the hopes of the ‘inflation trade’ alive.


Gold was down hard today, but the problem for the Palladium-Gold ratio is that the cyclical metal, Pd was down harder.


Here’s the weekly view, showing what looks like a shoe-in that a negative macro signal is going to come about.


<Insert here > the usual caveats about tolerances on timing and individual indicators not being taken in a vacuum; but if this indicator is going to work as it has before, it’s message is not a pleasant one.  And no, I don’t have a clue about how this squares with the bullish things I am seeing in the Semi Equipment sector, another ‘canary’ that chirped the post-2012 up cycle.

It’s why you’ve got to love this market I guess.  It’s wonderfully dysfunctional IMO mostly thanks to the historically vigorous levels of policy input post-2008.