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Daily Silver Chart

Two reasons for this post…

  1. I probably don’t post enough publicly on precious metals because I do so much of it in the premium service and…
  2. I don’t want that disgusting FTEK post to be the first thing I wake up to in the morning. :-(


Silver has been systematically working its way down in a short term consolidation channel (bullish until proven otherwise) after hitting NFTRH’s initial target in the 22′s.  As noted a couple weeks ago in the letter (or an update), the support level at 20 (+/-) is going to be tested at some point, so it may as well be sooner rather than later.

This has been good work by silver thus far.  Now if only we can bleed out some of the over bullish sentiment that 2 months of positive sector activity has instigated.

NFTRH 279 Out Now

The original intent was as noted here at the site last week, to allow some room to build a bearish case for 3D Systems (DDD).  But even with 30 pages that did not happen.  Maybe I’ll find time to do it as a public post.

What did happen was a well rounded look at the precious metals along with the usual markets.  Also this somehow got into the ‘Wrap Up’ segment…