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Democracy Wave Recedes….

Guest Post by EWI

The Democracy Wave Recedes: Does This Chart Show a Developing Bear Market for Liberal Democracy?

Editor’s note: The following article was republished here with permission from the co-editors of the September issue of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, a publication of Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave International, the world’s largest financial forecasting firm. From Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, EWI is throwing open the doors to all of its investor services 100% free. Click here to join EWI’s free Investor Open House now.

This updated chart of the total number of liberal democracies is from Robert Prechter’s book, The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior, which observed that bull markets “tend to lead to political freedom, while retrenchments lead to political repression.”

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How Socionomics Predicted the 2012 Election

…Without Polling Anyone

From the man I always find a pleasure to listen to.  No, he’s not talking deflation this time.  Interesting stuff.  No strings attached sign up if you’re interested.  Per EWI:

  1. A 26-minute video excerpt from Robert Prechter’s April 2012 speech at the Socionomics Summit in Atlanta. He described the then-just published landmark research paper he had co-authored, which amounted to a stunning (and stunningly accurate) preview of the outcome of the recent presidential election. If you’ve wondered why Obama won/Romney lost, Bob Prechter pulls back the curtain about a truth you won’t hear elsewhere.
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