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Stock Market: This Again?

By Biiwii

Back in the December to February time frame we had been noting a ‘swing’ market (swing baby, swing!) AKA a Whipsaw market AKA a market for nimble swing traders.  There is no trend (on the daily time frame).  What there was a few months ago was an extended period of fleeting hard ups and commensurate hard downs.  So swing baby, swing!… but stay nimble.  Today looks like one of those after the hard drop last week.

Market participants seem to literally be jerking to every piece of data or information that comes out.  Strong Jobs = panic drop, FOMC lameness = rally, some middle east noise last week and mixed econ. data = drop, some China easing hype today = rally.


NFTRH’s latest US stock market rundown is posted at NFTRH.com if you want to check it out.  Besides this fairly normal run through of important US markets, #336 had a lot to say about keeping perspective on the whole ball of wax.

I really feel like we have got our shit together, to put it as a I would put it in real life if you and I were just sitting and talking. And I’ve got all the patience in the world to boot.  Not only for playing US stocks, but the precious metals (which I feel we have managed pretty close to flawlessly thus far, and much of  the rest of the whole ball of wax).

Hint:  Use real data and objectivity and keep ego and bias contained, tune out useless hype and it’ all going to work out just fine.

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By Biiwii


No Housing Bear Signal

By Tom McClellan

No Bear Market Signal Yet From Housing

US New Home Sales versus DJIA
March 26, 2015

Before each of the really ugly bear markets of the past 30 years, there has been an important signal from housing data well ahead of time.  We do not have such a signal now, and so that portends more upside in the months ahead for stock prices.

In fact, the past 3 months have seen a pretty substantial upsurge, especially in the Northeast and South regions of the USA as tracked by the Census Department.  That takes the seasonally adjusted annual rate of new home sales to its highest level since February 2008.  Generally speaking, seeing this home sales data make higher highs has been good news for the long-term path of stock prices.  It is when the two diverge that problems start to develop.

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By Biiwii


T-Minus 1hr, 40 min. to the Great Drama

By Biiwii

Of course, at 2:01 US Eastern time the market could get very actionable, but for right now it is a ‘close to the vest’ market.  This means no big bets and no strong leans in one direction or the other.

Everyone Hates US Stocks  –Bloomberg

If that’s true, that ain’t bearish.

Hedge Funder Dalio Thinks the Fed Can Repeat 1937 All Over Again  –Bloomberg

I researched this gentleman and I love what he is all about, philosophically and in the way he views life as it relates to his vocation in the markets.  i.e. it’s not just some MSM b/s.  He is to be taken seriously IMO, in his knowledge of the markets but even more, as a respectable human (something lacking in this sphere, again IMO).

So here is the Fed’s idiotic Dot Plot that we are all supposed to be transfixed by.


The stock market took a hit, bounced and now by my eye anyway, is not at all cut and dry.  Sentiment became toxic to the over bullish side a couple of weeks ago.  Then the market dropped and bounced.  This should not be an end to the downturn given the former sentiment profile that has not been nearly fixed yet.

But the leadership items we follow (esp. Biotech, Small Caps and Banks) are stable to good and then there are the AAII Individual Investors having been spooked, which is short-term positive (though the longer-term trend is over bullish and so, not healthy).


There’s lots more to the picture that can’t make it into a simple post.  But it is best to check assumptions at the door and let’s all just be prepared for what is on the other side.  It’s not so much the FOMC I am concerned about as my fellow market participants.  That’s why I have remained in a comfortable position and recommended the same in NFTRH.  It’s the ‘no strong leans’ market at the moment.

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By Biiwii


Data Mining Ahead!

By Steve Saville

Danger, Data Mining Ahead!

Depending on how it is manipulated, presented or interpreted, a set of data can be used to validate almost any theory or conclusion. For example, as I explained HERE, by changing the starting assumption the intraday London gold price data can be used to ‘prove’ either long-term suppression of the gold price or long-term elevation of the gold price. For another example, as I showed HERE, by cherry-picking the timescale of the data it is possible to demonstrate a relationship (in this case a relationship between the gold price and the US federal-debt/GDP ratio) that wouldn’t be apparent if a different timescale were chosen. I’ll now discuss a new example that was part of a 12th March article at Marketwatch.com.

I agree with the gist of the above-linked Marketwatch article, which is that the US stock market is stretched to the upside in a big way. However, the chart used in the article to make this point is a great example of data mining. Here is the chart.

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Dollar and Stock Market…

By Tom McClellan

The Real Relationship Between Dollar and Stock Market

Dollar Index and SP500
March 11, 2015

If you think that you know the one true relationship between the stock market and the value of the dollar, you are wrong.  Or perhaps I should say more charitably that you are going to find yourself wrong about half of the time.

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Your Turn Bulls

By Biiwii

Now it is the bulls’ turn to prove something.  In disclosure, aside from two small gold miners I took a try on into the close I am only long one thing, India and short one thing, S&P 500.  The rest is as NFTRH had been advising going into Friday’s kickoff, heavy cash and short-term Treasury equivalents.  [edit] plus a couple other things, Thing 1 and Thing 2 that I decided to hold on to.  Thing 2 is so small as to be irrelevant.  Thing 1 is a Canadian listed gold stock I decided not to take profit on, and instead ride to a paper loss; ah the pleasures of commitment]

I have no real horse in the race other than a non-leveraged short against SPY.  With that disclaimer to my stance, it is now a burden upon stock market bulls to prove their case because this market got perversely over bullish and was ripe for a real kick in the pants.  The technicals are now breaking down to add to the sentiment case.

So it’s as simple as perma-bulls (the ‘its’ a new secular bull market’ crowd) mustering up some bravado to back up their resolute bullish view.  Come guys ‘n girls, buy ‘em up!  Get on CNBC and talk in your usual conventional tones and discuss conventional strategies as if this is a conventional market.

Pay no attention to my favorite chart showing a policy-driven wealth effect vehicle utterly dependent upon a certain kind of interest rate policy and unconventional bond-based market manipulation tools.


How long before the next insecure Jawbone hits the mic to firm up the bulls’ backbones?

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images (not including mark-up)

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