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NFTRH 329 Out Now

nftrh329How to promo… how to promo?  NFTRH 329 took a hard look at the realities of what happened last week and despite an end of week reversal (below SPX key resistance of 2165) it found that at week’s end the bulls and the risk ‘ON’ contingent regained their footing.

Going the other way, the rise in short-term yields vs. long-term yields was gold bearish and not friendly to Team Risk ‘OFF’.

A really good market report doing the work it has to do every step of the way.  Of course we are in the volatile ‘swing baby, swing’ market so we’ll be ready to adjust as always over the coming week.  The key is to be in proper position for when the ‘swing’ phase consolidation ends.

Pivotal Events

Guest Post by Bob Hoye

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Pessimism Evident in QQQ Shares Outstanding

Guest Post by Tom McClellan

Pessimism Evident in QQQ Shares Outstanding

QQQ Shares Outstanding
February 06, 2015

QQQ is the ETF which tracks the Nasdaq 100 Index, and even though that index is only down 2.7% from its recent multi-year high, investors have been fleeing out of QQQ for the past few months.

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  • What the market doom and gloomers fail to grasp about anemic growth  –Nouriel Roubini [biiwii comment:  still fighting a war that was already won – against hyperinflationists and commodity mega bulls. this link is included to show what the mainstream takes as gospel from a rock star economist. a good amount of this article is hogwash, you can pick out the b/s for yourself ;-) ]
  • Will the Top Callers Get Clowned Again?  –Josh Brown  [biiwii comment: that remains to be seen josh, but as NFTRH just illustrated for its subscribers, there is a potential scenario for a bear trap and bounce]


NFTRH 328 Out Now

Another solid report this week.  I know that because it helped me out yet again in trying to understand all the components in play across markets; all the tops spinning around on the table.

Stock market sentiment is an issue as markets continue at an important technical decision point.  The precious metals have short-term technical parameters but more importantly, they have some pretty important long-term signals coming in.  Well, gold and even more so, gold miners.  Silver is not something I am personally excited about on the big picture.

The biggest picture view, which has been an uninterrupted global economic contraction is intact and getting stronger.  From that spring so many other items for extrapolation and strategy.


Proof That Cash is a Position Too

Guest Post by Opportunity Identified

Those who check out our work often, know that we are advocates of patience, risk management, and high probability asymmetric risk/reward scenarios. This is a fancy way of saying we like to minimize loss while maximizing gain. Isn’t that what every investor wants? Related to our approach, we have been known to tell our readers that “cash is a position too.” In this article, we’ll show you just how valuable cash is as a position. At this point, it needs to be made clear that there are many opinions about the functionality and validity of fiat currency. That is not what this article is about. We are not here to debate whether the U.S. dollar is worth the paper it’s printed on. We are writing to show you that holding U.S. dollars is a valid investment position and one that can protect your capital.

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Hulbert on Rate Hikes & Stock Market; a Response

Mark Hulbert has a piece this morning at MarketWatch in which he de-correlates the first Fed interest rate hike from any supposedly corresponding stock market movements.  I agree with some but not all of what he writes.  Let’s take it a chunk at a time.

Investors, it doesn’t matter when the Fed raises rates

Are you obsessed with whether the Federal Reserve will begin to raise official interest rates in July, September or sometime next year?

No.  I’ve wanted them to do it for years now.  So I’m obsessed with why the Fed refused to raise rates, despite a strong economy and inflation signals that were not nearly so tilted toward the dis-inflationary end of the spectrum as they are now.  I am obsessed with wanting to know why the mainstream media and financial establishment even take their oh so heavily anticipated policy decisions each month seriously.  I am obsessed with the all too obvious underlying message that this is all about a stock market ‘wealth effect’ that eventually trickles a little stream down Main Street, with Grandma and other prudent savers thrown in the gutter.

A review of historical data fails to find significant statistical support for believing that higher rates are in themselves bad for the stock market. And even if they were, the difference of a few months in the timing of increases makes little difference when determining if equities are expensive or cheap.

I concede that both of those beliefs are far from conventional wisdom on Wall Street. But the job of the contrarian is to challenge norms.

Agree.  But I am not sure why Mark is using the 10-yr yield in his article.  With the Fed at work on all parts of the curve, the whole thing is corrupted and not subject to extrapolation of historical data anyway.  But insofar as it would be, why not use the Fed Funds rate or the 3 Month T Bill?  This chart from NFTRH has clearly shown that rate hikes did not matter to the stock market for extended periods on the last 2 cycles… until of course, they suddenly mattered… big time.


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Pivotal Events

Guest Post by Bob Hoye

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What’s Bigger Than the $1.4 Billion Mortgage Ratings Scandal?

Guest Post by Elliott Wave International

What’s Bigger Than a $1.4 Billion Mortgage Ratings Scandal?

The great “inflated” expectations for gold, oil, commodities — and now stocks

Editor’s Note: You can read the text version of this story below the video.


On January 21, one of the biggest financial lawsuits in recent history came to a costly end. The accused, ratings behemoth Standard & Poor’s, agreed to a $1.4 billion settlement for “inflating credit ratings on toxic assets,” thus accelerating and exacerbating the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

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Get Out of the Casino!

Guest Post by David Stockman & Stealflation

Today’s [yesterday’s –ed] Dip is a Warning – Get Out of the Casino!

Shortly after today’s open, the S&P 500 was down nearly 2% and off its recent all-time high by 3.5%. But soon the robo-machines and day traders were buying the “dip” having apparently once again gotten the “all-clear” signal.

Don’t believe it for a second! The global financial system is literally booby-trapped with accidents waiting to happen owing to six consecutive years of massive money printing by nearly every central bank in the world.

Over that span, the collective balance sheet of the major central banks has soared by nearly $11 trillion, meaning that honest price discovery has been virtually destroyed. This massive “bid” for existing financial assets based on credit confected from thin air drove long-term bond yields to rock bottom levels not seen in 600 years since the Black Plague; and pinned money market costs at zero—-for 73 months running.

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