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S&P 500: Thick Resistance or Pattern Measurement?

By Biiwii

With respect to the S&P 500, this is an important question:  Who wins, 2040/2060 resistance or the pattern’s measurement?  It’s a simple question because it’s a simple chart.

s&p 500 daily chart

NFTRH 365 Out Now

By Biiwii

A solid 36 page report.  The market bounce matures as it enters our target zone and sentiment is the indicator.  Precious Metals continue to improve on the macro, but carry rising risk on the short-term.  Question: Is HUI going to get to the 150’s before or after short-term risk is realized?  Answer: I don’t know, but we are ready either way.  Much more too.  NFTRH 365 Out now.

nftrh 365

McCellan Oscillator Interpretation

By Tom McClellan

NYSE McClellan Oscillator
October 16, 2015

We have learned a lot about the behavior of the McClellan A-D Oscillator since my parents, Sherman and Marian McClellan, brought it to the public back in 1969.  One of the points that we have learned is that the proper way to interpret it depends on the market environment you are in at any given moment.

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The Personality of Waves

By Elliott Wave International

The Personality of Stock Market Waves

Are movements in the markets just prices or is there more to it?

Elliott waves don’t merely reflect prices plotted over time. Each wave has its own “personality.” Watch this video by EWI’s Wayne Gorman to learn more about the psychology behind the waves and how it affects your investment decisions.

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Pivotal Events

By Bob Hoye

The Fed is Behind the Action

bob hoye, pivotal events

Walmart Traffic Down, Wall St. Traffic Up

By Michael Ashton

Walmart Traffic may be Down but Wall Street Traffic is Up

Walmart (WMT) didn’t have its best day today. The bellwether retailer forecast a profit decline of 6-12% in its 2017 fiscal year, in some part because of a $1.5bln increase in wage expenses; the stock dropped 10% to its lowest level since 2012 and off about 33% from the highs (see chart, source Bloomberg).

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Mr. Fat Head Returns? If So, it’s S&P 500’s Turn

By Biiwii

We used to talk about Mr. Fat Head on the HUI (see chart at end of post).  That was the big H&S targeting 100 that not many thought was doable back then.  I was reminded of Mr. Fat Head when using the ‘Live Charting‘ link at the above right.  There you can quickly manipulate charts and time frames thanks to TradingView‘s dynamic charts.  It’s really cool.

The first chart is a weekly view, showing a potential H&S, the resistance that would put in its right shoulder, and the neckline.  If actualized one day, it measures to 1600.

s&p 500 weekly chart

Then using TradingView’s handy tools we zoom out to a monthly view and find that voila, the H&S target is pretty close to rock solid long-term support on the SPX.

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Gold for Bear Market?

By Axel Merk

While some continue dancing, the music might have already stopped: are we already in a bear market in stocks? In this context, we study past bear markets to see whether gold may serve as a valuable diversifier for what’s ahead.

gold and bear marketsAre we in a bear market?
A “bear market” is frequently defined as a decline of at least 20% in the S&P 500 index. Trouble is that by the time pundits provide their seal of approval that we are indeed in a bear market, the index has already lost 20% from its peak. Many of them will likely have told investors to buy the dips all the way down.

In our August 4 Merk Insight Coming Out – As a Bear!, we argued that a bear market is about to commence. Mind you, that was just before the surge in volatility. At the time, some wondered why a “currency and precious metals” guy like myself would have anything to say pertaining to the stock market; just about a week later, there were numerous media reports blaming the currency markets for turmoil in the stock market. Go figure.

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S&P 500: Is it This Simple?

By Biiwii

As published at NFTRH.com, a historical look at the US stock market (SPX weekly charts)…

S&P 500: Is it This Simple?

Excerpted from this week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 364

In an age of Algorithms, High Frequency Trading, Quant-injected performance engines and every Casino Patron with an e-Trade account hyper-stimulating the market after each bit of news that is fed (no pun intended) to us by the financial media and Policy Central, the lowly individual can be forgiven for feeling small and vulnerable; for feeling as if the answers are beyond her, or that long-term success is out of his reach.

Indeed, this very publication has ground its gears pondering the fact that August-September market sentiment became historically over bearish in ratio to the relatively minor downside experienced thus far. That was a bullish, not a bearish thing. With sentiment now being repaired it is time to ask if we are giving the bulls too much latitude.

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