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2014: State of the US Markets

What better day than today’s predictable hard bounce to present the other side?  If you believe the bounce and want to be a happy bull, just step along from this post.  If you don’t mind considering other opinions or are like me in thinking 2014 stands a better than even chance of being the year that the current cycle ends, check out EWI’s 24 page report by clicking one of the graphics below.

We have come to a point in this cycle where we are supposed to feel ashamed for having bearish views or opinions.  Prechter’s wrong again after all.  The thing is, even a bull could use some alternate opinions.  I am not talking about a market crash.  Please.  I am talking about a macro view.  That should be someone’s basis for operation.  I have my views and they have not changed since early last decade because the things I had negative views about have not only not changed, they have intensified and shifted (commercial credit replaced by official credit).  But there is still a debit waiting out there.

We who hold a negative big picture macro view were stupid until the 2008 liquidation made us geniuses.  Now we are stupid again and trend followers are smart.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  EWI is an affiliate and I make a commission on sign ups to their services.  So consider this a promo.  Also consider that EWI was founded by someone who was an influence of mine.  So it’s not just a pitch.  We’ve only recently gotten with the idea of partially funding all the free information here with ads, like most blogs have routinely done all along.  Consider this an ad that I wholeheartedly recommend.  And the darned thing is free for crying out loud.


Another Bearish Chart: Mastercard (MA)

Mastercard (MA) is has done some interesting things in gapping up on volume to form left side of the Head, then wiping those momos out on the other side and crashing the MA 50.  It then bounced and found a now down-turned MA 50 to be resistance.


That’s a bearish potential topping pattern that would become an actual topping pattern if the support line breaks.  MACD is red and this thing is losing momentum rapidly.

The implied target is around 60.  Now it is a battle between the MA 200′s (support) and MA 50′s, resistance.

GOGO: Tell Me Again How Charts Don’t Work?

GOGO:  Falling Wedge down to support… fills a gap, triggers MACD, meanders out of the Wedge and goes RSI 50+.  Why else would I buy some not yet profitable company with a really obnoxious name?

No, charts don’t work.  We are just geeks that all too many people either laugh at or more often express contempt for.  We are the geeks who see patterns and keep memories of things we’ve seen before, while eggheads of all kinds over intellectualize everything.


NFTRH Update, GDXJ (S/T) Upside Objective

As we did with SLW last week earlier this week, today let’s take a look at a speculative leader to the precious metals rally and plot a near term upside measurement in the GDXJ Junior Miners ETF.  By looking at pictures like these we are able to keep perspective and traders are able to plan targets, entries, exits, etc.


The chart is self-explanatory as a short term target objective.

Beyond that, I see continued bigger picture progress on our macro theme, which is for renewed economic stress (maybe to a small degree, maybe to a larger one) and a return of counter cyclical pressures, which should be a fundamental positive for the gold sector.

In other words, the precious metals stock rally could have much further to go in 2014, but it is getting a little over baked at the moment.  The above illustrates a target at or below which a trader might consider taking some profits.

NFTRH Update, New HUI Support Zone

Today there is some turbulence.  Good, an extended rally scenario would not want to see the sector fly up to excessively over bought levels all in one big gulp. HUI is only moderately over bought.

By breaking the consolidation handle in the first half of this week HUI has now established the 220 +/- area as the first key support level, replacing the former 210 +/-.  That’s progress folks and if (there is surely no guarantee) this support is to be tested the ‘grinding bottom’ scenario would be well in place.

HUI is bullish and until such time as it takes out an important support level (ref: 210 and now 220), pullbacks are healthy.  The above is provided as reference for profit takers, would-be buyers, hedgers and regular old holders.


NFTRH Update, SLW Next Resistance & Target

A low priority update on Silver Wheaton’s daily technical status. This post is not meant to call anyone to any sort of action.  It is just noting some data points for those interested.  As the year unfolds, these type of updates will be produced on occasion as I spot identifiable objectives on charts.

SLW has a very clear chart pattern and a short term target of 26.50, which is a measurement projected from the December low and the blue neckline.  SLW is starting to get over bought and the next resistance level is just above.  This is a bullish picture overall.