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Tranny Trend Change?

By Biiwii

Don’t look now but the Dow Transports are working on a short-term trend change to the upside with a ‘W’ bottom and a pop above the declining MA 50’s.

Will TRAN have ended up leading the way to the mildest of market sags before bullish reversal?  Well, not until it gets through the red resistance line and then the MA 200.  If it does those things, it is going to get bullish and if Dow Theory means much (I still have my doubts) it would eventually spread out to the broad markets.  First things first…


Transports Nearing Target

Another leader index is nearing its upside target.  The question is, will these things blow right through?  The US has the duel fuel of a relatively okay economy and a strong currency, which theoretically gives the inflators more ammo.  But how long do they keep inflating in the face of a soaring stock market before the whole thing begins to look silly to even the most casual observers?

TRAN daily

Trannies on Parade

Cue the Dow Theorists, cue the DT confirmation noise and cue 6500 for the Tranny should this break to blue sky hold.

TRAN daily

Do You Know Rut I Find Distrubing?

I find it disturbing that the $RUT, which has been a negatively divergent leader broke the nice neckline I laid out for it in NFTRH 235.  That is what I find disturbing.

Russell 2000 daily, from NFTRH 235

I find it less disturbing that the Dow bounced because that is exactly what we noted it looked like it was poised to do.

Dow daily, from NFTRH 235

Meanwhile, the Tranny is holding at some moving averages and under the dome we placed over its head this weekend.

TRAN daily chart, from NFTRH 235

The leaders had better get about the business of downside leadership fairly quickly or these damn bulls are going to… well, you know.


Wanna see a market whose leadership has really thinned out?

Semi’s, Small Caps & Tranny, click for full size view

Beautiful, Keep it Going to the Gaps?





Tranny on the Verge

On the verge of what I am not sure.  Will it be a big bull market signal, a break of resistance and bull trap or a failure at resistance.  Dunno.  But Tranny is right there.