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Euro & Uncle Buck Switch Positions

One is dropping below its MA 50′s and the other is popping above, after the ECB sat on its hands with rates but made a lot of Jawboning about ‘unconventional’ stimulus in the battle against the dreaded deflation.

It is unbelievable the degree to which people still have confidence in these clowns (including the ones packed into the little clown car here in the US), but apparently they do.


European Markets & Euro Currency Aligned

Contrary to this hair brained declaration by a talking head on CNBC (“I like the dollar; it’s going to kill gold for sure and I think it’s great for American corporations”) the US dollar has dropped and American corporations like it just fine.  That is because American corporations like inflation against a defl err disinflationary backdrop just fine.

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NFTRH 261 Out Now

#261 was just mailed to subscribers.  It took 10 less pages (than last week’s extended exercise) to make some clear points, especially about what NFTRH is and is not bullish on in the intermediate to long term.  This is in contrast to some curious conclusions I have seen drawn on the internet about last week’s publicly available excerpt that discussed gold and the stock market.

NFTRH 261 – focused viewpoint and all – out now.