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USDJPY: Diving For Opportunity

By Elliott Wave International

USDJPY: “Diving” For Opportunity

Learn how protective stops keep you on the right side the trend

On a recent vacation to the Yucatan, my friend decided to get certified in scuba diving.

I, on the other hand, prefer breathing my air above water! But I did tag along with her to one of the classes, anyway. She learned how to handle and interpret all the various diver gauges: gas pressure, submersive pressure, depth, and on.

The one feature all those indicators had in common was a bold, red line to indicate the level the diver must obey to stay out of danger.

That’s when it hit me: Scuba-diving is a lot like financial markets. Investors and traders jump in — and use an array of safety gauges to keep them on the right side of price action.

Well, at least those investors and traders who use technical market indicators. For them, those bold, red lines indicating the point of danger — those are equivalent to the most critical component of market analysis: protective stops. The second prices cross this line, it’s time to “swim back up to the surface” and safely re-adjust your position.

For any investor/trader, then, the ultimate goal is to clearly identify these life-“lines” ahead of time, before jumping in. That, dear friends, is where our newest, FREE report “How to Set and Manage Stops With the Wave Principle” comes in.

Here is an excerpt:

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NFTRH; Multi-Market Update

Well, here came the short covering rally in the precious metals.  By calling it that I don’t mean that it cannot turn into something more, but today was most assuredly driven by short covering as the US dollar unwound some of its speculative sponsorship.  One can assume that large speculators took it on the chin on both ends, in the USD and in gold/silver as the Commercial traders had been aligned increasingly bearish and bullish, respectively.

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NFTRH 307 Excerpt; Currencies

NFTRH has been bullish the USD and bearish the Euro, Canada dollar and Aussie dollar for quite some time now, most often using this simple weekly chart of various currencies.  Months ago we noted USD creeping out of its downtrend (green dotted line) and the Euro falling out of its wedge (red dotted line).  Back then, sentiment toward the USD was far different than it is today.  So this week the Currency segment included some thoughts (and data) on USD and Euro sentiment as well.

Also of note, while the excerpt speculates that a USD reversal could trigger bounces in commodities and precious metals, these items generally remain bearish until proven otherwise.  Not the other way around.



Now everyone knows the USD is bullish and the Euro is going to hell in a hand basket.  As long as faith in paper currencies in general remains intact, I think that will be the trend.  But USD is over bought to a degree that we could actually see a significant – if temporary – reversal of these trends.

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ECB: Intensify What’s Already Not Working

“First, it is committed to experimenting even more with its use of unconventional monetary policy, including by taking the deposit rate even more negative and starting a program to purchase asset-backed securities.”

What the ECB’s Moves Mean for the World by Mohamed El-Erian

He lays out Draghi’s scheme pretty well.  Read a good article by a smart man.  But the problem in Europe is that the Euro strength they are trying to leverage was simply a counter trend reaction out of the first ‘acute’ phase of the Euro crisis in 2011.  In essence, they are leveraging a 2 year Bear Flag (or Rising Wedge) in the Euro that always was likely to fail at the big trend line.  Yeh, that should work well for Europe.


Oh but then there is Fortress America.  Our currency is strong and our markets booming.  Nothing wrong here!  Well, we’ll see how long the ISM for example, stays strong with the USD becoming persistently strong.

Wasn’t the whole premise of the US recovery its ability to compromise Uncle Buck?  I’d imagine that US stocks can go well higher on the old ‘King Dollar pulls in global liquidity’ play, but there is a shelf life here if Unc gets persistently strong with two drivers at his back; the Euro trash fest and US policy that could have its hand forced toward tightening sooner than maybe the majority now thinks.

As I wrote the other day, it is hard to know exactly what will play out when, but it sure is getting interesting.

Make Way for Uncle Buck

Hey guess what?  The Fed had some Minutes out today in which they ruminated about the employment market and inflation targets.  Mr. Plosser was the rational one as usual, talking about what could happen if rates needed to be raised sooner than the market anticipated and other Gloomy Gus stuff like that.

Anyway, Unc got a new spring in his already bouncy step.  The self-explanatory daily chart is from this morning’s pre-market NFTRH key ETF update, created before this latest burst obviously.  The US dollar – so doubted by so many only a couple months ago – is now getting over bought.


Euro and Gold

I am not counting on gold going up in USD at this time because with all the anti-dollar hype and its upside reversal (from critical support) yesterday and today I am leaning bullish on Uncle Buck.  The Euro on the other hand is doing this…


There is also the case of the Euro and gold, which was the center of fear and loathing in 2010 and 2011, as gold took on too many panicked sponsors.  Here is the big picture monthly view of the European fear gap getting closed out.  Europeans who want a long term value opportunity could be buying now (most probably aren’t) as opposed to what they actually did, which was to buy in 2011.

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Strange Bedfellows; Gold and USD

Two forms of money; one official but its only value is in ‘confidence’.  The other is not really money, but its value is of something more than confidence.  All confidence was lost in gold in 2013, so it had better have something more going for it.  It is debt free as it is no one’s liability and it has been used as money for centuries.

Okay, blah blah blah… gold bug sighting above.  What I wanted to actually do is show a chart of GLD & UUP looking pretty darned in line with each other over the last few months.


Whatever their differences, in the big ‘RISK ON’ environment cooked up by the Fed a couple of ‘risk off’ items have been fairly in unison outside the party.  Today they are both above their 50 day MA’s.

Party on Garth.

A US dollar Big Picture

At the risk of revealing my inner Prechter (I am a deflationist at heart because I believe the odds are better than even that the ultimate resolution of the era of Inflation onDemand will be deflationary), here is the monthly view of the US dollar, having negated the weekly H&S (not really visible on this monthly chart) by rising above the right shoulder.

US dollar, monthly chart

An email from an NFTRH subscriber prompted me to pull up the monthly view and the recent rise has not only negated the H&S, it has brought the larger monthly basing pattern out of 2005 to a more bullish looking state, with monthly MACD green and a shape that looks pretty good.

Prechter says a coming deflation would result in a recommendation of owning cash and gold.  Not even US T-bills, heretofore considered the safest repository on the planet. That is because the debts of the Federal government would be so unmanageable as to call into question its ability to make good on its obligations.

I will question how long the stock market can benefit as the world’s reserve currency helps suck funds into US assets.  But US stocks for the short-term are more positively than negatively correlated to USD as the dollar sucks capital into our markets.

The Fed is trying to devalue the USD but the reserve currency is acting as a haven.  The whole developed world is supposedly at [currency] war.  With all those parts in motion who on earth can make total sense out of what is going on?

Maybe we do not have to make sense of every aspect of everything that is in motion now.  But we should watch the USD, the kingpin lot a very sorry lot.  NFTRH is going to provide space for Uncle Buck in the analysis going forward.  It failed to break down and has defied the ‘death of the dollar’ cult for so long now, there must be meaning in here.