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Correction on Yields

By Biiwii

Ref:  The ill-conceived post Yields Making a Signal? in which my brain cramped up, conspired with my eyeballs, and failed me.

The answer is no, they are not making a signal because with the 2yr yield declining less than the 10yr, the curve is still under pressure.  It still implies a flight to liquidity of bonds, a somewhat risk ‘OFF’ environment and is consistent with a deflationary backdrop, but it is not at all beneficial to gold as was noted in the previous post.

Again, my apologies.  I edited the previous post but wanted to put up a new one for certain entities that link or pull content.

10 year yield, 2 year yield

Treasury Yields Today

By Biiwii

On a stressful day in the stock market, yield spreads are not reflecting much stress.  Here is the state of the 10yr-2yr spread at yesterday’s close.  It looked constructive as it was gently rising.


But today, as global markets take a good hit (off some hype out of China* no less), the 2’s are not indicating a rush to short-term liquidity instruments.  Quite the contrary.  While long-term yields are slightly down (30yr) to slightly up (10yr), the 2yr is up significantly more and this is not a risk ‘OFF’ structure.


This in-day stuff is noisy and has nothing to do with greater trends.  That’s what we write 30 page weekend reports for; to stay on the correct trends and anticipate those that are coming.  But this snapshot is not indicating financial market stress (today at least) that is commensurate with the downside in stock markets.

* And surely, the news about officials allowing shorting of Chinese stocks is not material fundamentally, but is material to knee jerking momos the world over (in the short-term at least).

Yield Spreads Today

By Biiwii

Well, the knock down in the 30yr-5yr yield spread did not last long.  While it has not done anything it didn’t already do before ultimately failing in October and January, it bears watching.


The nominal 10yr is down…


And the nominal 2yr is down by more…


So this spread is rising from yesterday’s close per the following…


This is stuff you won’t find on Bubble Vision or maybe in your CFA’s monthly report.  But it is only critical to most markets.  The state of nominal yields dropping while curves rise would be a tail wind for gold, and for the stock market?  Not so much.  Yet neither of these mostly opposed asset classes have reacted yet.  That is because… this:


Major trends have not changed yet.  Patience my friends.

Yield Curve’s Effect Thwarted by Fed’s Actions

Guest Post by Tom McClellan

1-10 yield spread shifted forward 22 months
December 20, 2014

The Fed’s fingerprints are all over the charts.  Whether or not that is a good thing depends upon one’s point of view.

The yield curve still matters, in spite of former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s 2007 assertions to the contrary.  During testimony on February 14, 2007 before the Senate Banking Committee, the following interchange took place:

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Yield Curve Today

Nominal yields rise and the curve drops today.  Its message continues to be risk ‘ON’ with the relief bounce in markets.

10, 5 & 2yr yields from Bloomberg

Yield Curve Today

Fear not my dear bulls, help is on the way in form of a moderating yield curve.  Well, from this snapshot view at least.  Indicators are flying around at warp speed and if you do not love this market (speaking as a geek) then you will never love any market.

10, 5 & 2 year yields from Bloomberg