SNAP = Short Now and Profit

By Tim Knight

I’m a chartist, so I don’t normally make a habit of shorting stocks that have just a few days of historical data. I made an exception for SNAP, however, since everything – – everything!! – – about this company screams “ridiculous overvalued bubble”, including, but not limited to, Evan Spiegel’s smug little cleft-chinned face on every magazine cover including, importantly, Time:


I’m a pretty big believer in the “Cover Curse”, but that normally applies to such business magazines as Forbes, where public stocks tend to be the dominant topic of conversation:


(I’ll note, regarding the above cover, that the stock immediately reversed the moment this hit the newsstands and this “sexiest stock” fell from $70.96 to $25.98, making it just about as “sexy” as the egg-shaped bald dude shown therein).

But if Forbes is a bad cover curse, Time is far, far worse.

Snap, weirdly, holds itself out as a “camera company”, which is sort of weird, since they’re actually a company that gives away an app for snapping disappearing dick pics. But it also occurred to me that there was another “camera” company that was red-hot and crazy-popular, just like Evan’s little outfit. Allow me to offer up this bit of financial history for your perusal:


My conclusion from all of this? I think SNAP’s performance so far is a good indication of what’s to come. Next stop: the teens.


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