Anticipating the Market Decline 9 Weeks Ago

By Biiwii

The site says “ad free” and in the usual sense of the term, it is. But I will hand pick some things here and there, usually by Prechter and EWI from whom I’d receive a commission should you sign up for their services. I mean, you pay me nothing for one stop access to great writers, and I don’t harvest your eyeballs. So the price you pay is having to either avoid infrequent posts like this or maybe even check them out and find them beneficial.

I found this video on the Dow’s ‘throw over’, which Prechter caught in real time, pretty interesting. It paints all the lunacy of the last week as something that needed to happen and was in wait for ignition, which I guess turned out to be this ‘short vol’ hysteria. We all knew the market was a bloated pig, but the throw over caught Prechter’s attention ahead of time.

Check it out.

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