Bitcoin Plummets 37% In 4 Days, Litecoin Skids 42.4% (The New Dutch Tulip Bulb Craze?)

By Anthony B. Sanders

Wow. Crypto-currencies have gotten hammered since they mostly peaked on December 18th. Bitcoin is down 37%, Ethereum is down 31.4%, and Litecoin is down  42.4% since December 18th.


The volatility of the crypto-currencies is not surprising given the thinness of the investor pool where a few players can really move the market around.


Bitcoin has gone beyond the absurdity of the 17th-century Dutch tulip bulb craze.


However, there is a use to crypto-currencies (more than tulip bulbs). Let’s see how far cryptos slide.

This might be “putting the crypt into crypto-currencies.”


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