An Inflationary Message From Gold-Commodities Ratios

By Biiwii

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Gold established an uptrend in ratio to virtually all commodities during the global deflationary phase that began to bite hard in 2014.  Since then gold has broken down vs. silver and later, palladium.  What does this mean?

Well, I find it interesting that gold broke down vs. the two commodity-ish precious metals, Ag and Pd but held up against other commodities that are more positively correlated to the global economy.  This is as it should be during a phase of global deflationary pressure.  But the first signal was the Au-Ag breakdown, and the next was Au-Pd.  We then began to scout for an inflationary phase out on the horizon.

Before we go on, let’s review the multi-ratio chart of gold vs. these items.

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