Joe Mazumdar Reviews the Major Gold Producers

By Inca Kola News

Here’s 24 minutes of the lovely, hunky, handsome, near-edible-he-so-good Joe Mazumdar and his talk at the recent Metals Investor Forum, entitled “Too Big to Fail? A Review of Major Gold Producers“.

Exploration Insights is several cuts above all mining newsletters. Equally, Mazumdar’s presentations are several cuts above the normal guff and nonsense on the PM speaker circuit. A lot of crunching on reserves held by the big(ger) caps, whihc you’d expect from a guy who’s always trying to work out which junior is going to get bought by which major. Also, a nice walk through on Free Cash Flow Yield in the middle of the talk, which shows how you need to know where the numbers come from , not just take the number at face value. Well worth your time.

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