The Gullible Nation

By Tim Knight

As was widely reported yesterday, the huge surge in stocks was caused by excitement over the prospect over Trump getting major tax reform pushed through.

Seriously……… query is this………..are you out of your Vulcan mind?

How in the holy hell does ANYONE think that the President, who in seven months has the single accomplishment of nominated a judge to the SCOTUS (an act any of us could accomplish), and who is completely estranged from Congress, could do something so unlikely?

It is more likely that Yellen will announce the joyful news of her forthcoming delivery of a second child than it would be for the aforementioned tax reform to happen. You people (well, not YOU, but everyone else) is deluded.

Perhaps the market has woken up to start and realize this. Shown clearly in daily bars:


………as well as intraday……….


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