What do You Know? Cramer Rants on Inflation and the Fed

By Biiwii

It is as simple as this; deflation fears had a blow off in December and gold moved early (January) on a coming inflationary phase.  The whole raft of ‘inflation trade’ items then got a memo in February and began to move higher.  This included stocks (note the media’s obsession with crude oil as an indicator for stocks).

We (NFTRH, anyway) have noted that a great inflation phase indicator, silver vs. gold became dangerously over bought and now wouldn’t you know it, here is Jumpin’ Jim Cramer on TeeVee going on about the CPI and the beast known as Yellen (she of the absolute dovish, USD adversarial roll overs of recent memory).

The beast is portrayed as something to be feared by this TV show and it could make a paranoid person wonder ‘gee, are they actually speaking through this TV clown now?’ in their forever expectations management game?

“Bulls need to pray to Janet Yellen”?  Are you kidding me?

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