Pershing Gold (PGLC) ( Gives Us the Best NR of the Day

By Otto Rock

So far at least, the day is still young.

Check it out here and you only need to consider the title line…

“Pershing Gold Begins Preliminary Construction Activities at Relief Canyon”

…to start the guffaws and yoks. Seriously folks, what the blinking flip is a “preliminary construction activity”? Carrying some sacks of concrete over to a site? Putting the kettle on to make some tea before getting down to business? Putting on overalls? Ah wait, it’s this:

“On February 13, 2018, Ames Construction began initial land clearing in preparation for potential construction at Relief Canyon, including future heap leach pads, haul roads and waste rock storage facilities.”

We then get a photo of this preliminary construction activity and it turns out to be…

…one guy with a dozer, undoubtedly on a daily rate. You cannot make this shit up people, this is what a $60m market cap company considers a material news release that it simply must tell its shareholders about and if you can’t hear the word SCAM being screamed into your aural tracts yet, just keep reading.

“If the Company is able to achieve further financing for the project, it will then be able to move directly into construction of the heap leach pads, overland conveyors, crushing facilities, contractor yards, and process plant optimization.”

Scholars of the language will appreciate the use of the first conditional in that sentence. If one thing happens then the second will. Then again, if the first thing doesn’t happen…

Pershing Gold (PGLC) is of course the same waste of time and space pumped by the bullshit artist Byron King a couple of years ago back when it was a $4 stock. As IKN put it at the time:

“For the record, Byron King at Agora has a big following but he’s no mining specialist. When it comes to these juniors he gets told what to pump by his superiors who do very nicely from the deals (such is the multi-layered ways of these morally bankrupt pieces of shit who are pretending to care about you and want you to become rich).”

Even at half the price today, it’s still a waste of time.

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