The Iron Lung

By Tim Knight

I shall refrain from the magnum opus of obscenities I would like to type right now and simply say: goodness gracious me, this market is annoying. Here’s what the NQ did from the opening bell forward:

After the past decade, I don’t think people would recognize a real market if they saw it right in front of their eyes. The market is not ALLOWED to go down, no matter what.

More important to me is the ES, which, as I keep saying, has 2700 as a lead wall. Just look at the battle lines that have been drawn!

Until and unless 2700 is smashed to smithereens, this nonsense is going to continue. Life will continue to be breathed into it with any approach of 2700.

Keep in mind, we have a half day on Tuesday, so I imagine the simplest thing would be for The Powers That Be to pad their gains and let everyone enjoy a worry-free 4th of July.

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