In Which We Witness How Brien Lundin Peddles Bullshit Juniors For Cash

By Otto Rock

This is an example, just one, of why I’ve never been comfortable with Brien Lundin’s stuff. Yes I know he’s loved by one and all and yes I know he’s supposed to have this great rep and yes I know he puts on the New Orleans show and does a lotta great work for chaaaaariteeee, but it all falls apart when he whores himself out and takes a five figure sum to pump complete and utter wankery junior flotsam and jetsam to his readership.

Step forward today’s mailer from his stable, exhorting you to buy into a no-hope vehicle set to crash and burn that’s trading on the CSE called Idaho Champion (ITKO.cse). Here’s how the pump job starts…

…it then goes on with vapid puffery for a few column inches (pretty maps included) and in case you’re in any doubt about this, here’s the send-off:

Yes, that says in clear English that investors “will want to buy Champion” before the drill results come out. Complete wank, start to finish. However, there is some good news to report because according to the list of trades in this thing today…

…just 65,000 shares shifted to a TD Sec client (from Anon, oh what a surprise) and the last trade came through at 11:32am. Hopefully this pump job will stay firmly fallen flat on its face in the day to come, too. Still, that doesn’t exonerate Brien Lundin from whoring himself this way.

How much did they pay you, Brien? Come on, don’t be shy.

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