Now that we know Brien Lundin is listening…

By Otto Rock

[biiwii comment: i did not at time of posting and do not now even know who Brien Lundin is because i stay away from the junior mining promotion swamp as best as possible. it’s shark infested waters. but you see that “no robo-content, no ads and no bullshit” tagline above left? what Mark highlighted was robo-content of the highest order… ]

…we’ll try to get him to answer the question again:

How much do these bullshit scam companies pay you to run their promo pump and dump rubbish, Brien?

We know that Brien Lundin sends out paid promo material on no-hope junior explorecos in exchange fo pay, because that’s exactly what he did with the heap of trash and upcoming financial trainwreck called Idaho Champion (ITKO.cse) earlier this week.

>>>>>But now the fun part<<<<<<

Thanks to Gary T over at Biiwii who picked up on the  post earlier in the week. And thanks to some numbnuts called Fergus (who is dumb enough to think that Gary actually wrote it, instead of pinging it on his Biiwii site), we now know that Brien Lundin has seen the IKN post, too:

Link right here.

C´mon Brien, don’t be shy: How much does it cost for your mailing list whoredom to plant BS in front of the sheep like this? My best guess is $20,000, it could be more though. What’s your going rate, Brien? You do specials and extras? Do they get happy endings?

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