The Daily Shot Brief – November 7th, 2018

By The Daily Shot


The United States: The US agricultural sentiment index (Ag Economy Barometer) improved in October on hopes that the NAFTA 2.0 deal will ease trade tensions.

Source: Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer


China:Goldman’s money-supply indicator for China has diverged from the nation’s credit growth.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Eurozone:  Economists expect rising wages to nudge the Eurozone’s inflation rate higher.

Source: Nordea Markets


Equities: This chart shows the State Street Investor Confidence index through October.

Source: SPDR Americas Research


Credit: This chart shows yields, spreads, and durations across fixed income asset classes.

Source: SPDR Americas Research


Emerging Markets: This chart shows the CPI across LatAm economies.

Source: Scotiabank Economics


Food for Thought: How generous are the wealthiest Americans?

Source: @howmuch_net; Read full article

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