The Final Blow

By Tim Knight

[biiwii comment: per my comment to this post at Slope of Hope…]

I once asked Bruno if I could publish his posts @ and he responded in such a humble way. As if it were an honor for HIM that I would consider publishing him. It was actually the other way around. He was an idealist and as honest as the day is long. But the humility; that is a thing I respected most. Thank you Tim for this post. I am very sad to hear this.

I have sad news to share with everyone. Our beloved brother-in-arms, Bruno de Landevoisin, has passed to the eternal realm. For those of you who don’t know to whom I’m referring, Bruno was a very long-time member of the Slope community, writing more posts here than anyone except myself, and doing so with a fastidious attention to detail. He went by many names – – Idiot Wind, BDI (which meant “Bob Dylan Idiot”, since he was a huge fan) – -but we all knew him as the loveable Frenchman, descended from royalty, who was a tireless and lovingly combative member of this community.

I doubt there’s anyone in Slope’s nearly 14 year history with whom I communicated more frequently. And, frankly, it breaks my heart to know that the exact kind of sea-change that is going to take place in our world, which Bruno predicted with great specificity, is going to be something he will miss. I feel exactly the same way about George Carlin……………how I wish he was around to witness these times.

Bruno had tremendous intellect, a gift with words, and was passionately patriotic, both to America (the TRUE America) as well as France. I feel at a loss for words to express my gratitude for his many years and countless hours here, but I’m sure he would forgive me if I shared with you a snippet of an email he sent years ago which, in our conversations about the nature of relationships, expresses his soul most openly:

……it may surprise you to know that I have been with the same woman since I was 17……what I know about her, is that she forever has my back. When I was down in the gutter, she was the only one there with forever supporting arms to turn to, and in the end that mattered a hell of a lot to me.

Love comes and goes, but, in the end, loyalty is what counts most in a mate. I know its a different experience with each of us, and with each combination of us, so what do I really know about the matter.

If you have ever been betrayed in life, as I most definitely have been, loyalty becomes something you value above all else. And, if one really thinks about all the friendships established over the years, the characteristic of loyalty stand heads and shoulder over the rest. I guess what I’m trying to say in too many words is don’t sweat the small stuff.

Rest in peace, Bruno. We will see you again.

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