The Daily Shot Brief – January 15th, 2019

By The Daily Shot


The United States: Housing investment forecast from Oxford Economics:

Source: Oxford Economics

China: Tightening liquidity (the M1 money supply) suggests that imports could slow further.

Source: @sdypbuktkallman


The Eurozone: Here are the Eurozone’s debt dynamics since 2000.

Source: JPMorgan Asset Managemnt, h/t Skënderbeg Alternative Investments AG


Equities: The slowdown in earnings growth doesn’t look as sharp when the impact of tax cuts is stripped from the trend.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Global Developments: Here is the total debt-to-GDP ratio by country.

Source: @lisaabramowicz1, @BofAML


Food for Thought: Home financing by age:

Source: John Burns Real Estate Consulting

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