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The United States: The tax-driven corporate earnings repatriation (which boosted last year’s share buybacks) is over.

Source: JP Morgan, @tracyalloway, h/t @MattGarrett3

The Eurozone: French, Italian, and Spanish industrial production rebounded in January, exceeding economists’ forecasts.

Source: @nghrbi


Equities: VIX futures’ beta to the S&P 500 has been unusually low.

Source: Goldman Sachs, @DriehausCapital


China: Large banks have been slashing their lending to small enterprises.

Source: Natixis


Global Developments: Falling bond yields (and another increase in negative-yielding securities) have been putting pressure on banks.

Source: The Daily Feather


Food for Thought: The Kim regime purges:

Source: @WSJ; Read full article

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