Exit, Stage Left

By Biiwii

It has been a pleasure managing this site for you over the years in its various forms and missions. But now it is time to move on.

With a busy schedule that prioritizes NFTRH, nftrh.com and other interests it is no longer feasible to maintain this high quality outpost (in a sea of plastic content trying to trick people into believing it is anything other than marketing or advertising).

I had tried a model where the work could be compensated fractionally through donations as there are no cluttering ads for income, just a clean presentation of no b/s content. But it turns out many people still think that the internet should be free. Well, it is free and you get what you pay for.

That is not a dig at you, dear reader. It is just the way things are and I am actually relieved to secure the time spent here to better pursue my own trading/investing, which was taking a back seat to NFTRH, the above noted “other interests” and posting other writers’ content here at biiwii.

I believe the site goes dark sometime in June, so if you’d be interested in taking it over just let me know and we can figure that out. Meanwhile, see you over at nftrh.com. :-)

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