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Hi, I’m Gary of nftrh.com and biiwii.com. In another life I owned and operated a progressive medical component manufacturing company. In this life I manage markets for premium subscribers and provide public posts at nftrh.com. The work I’d done in the real economy prepared me for the financial markets in ways that traditional financial types only see in the abstract. It’s called boots on the ground vs. tailored suits in the high rise.

Since 2004 my work has been featured at financial websites like SeekingAlpha, TalkMarkets, 321Gold, GoldSeek and many more.

These days Biiwii.com is dedicated to bringing you the finest market commentary and analysis featuring a select group of authors.  In other words, they are selected personally, without filler. Amid a preponderance of robo sites sucking in any and all opinions and regurgitating them out to the public, here at Biiwii – aside from the rare sponsored post by one or two trusted sources – we post what we want to post and nothing more. It’s called discrimination.

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