Monsters All the Way Down

By James Howard Kunstler

Robert Mueller’s fishing crew was out trawling for Manafort, a blubbery swamp mammal valued for its lubricating oil when, by happenstance, a strange breed of porpoise called a Podesta got caught up in the net. Turns out it was a traveling companion of the Manafort. Back in 2014, the pair swam all the way to a little country called Ukraine via the Black Sea where the Podesta used some Manafort SuperLube on then-president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych.

The objective was to grease the wheel of NATO and the EU for Ukraine to become a member. But the operation went awry when Yanukovych got a better offer from the Eurasian Customs Union, a Russian-backed trade-and-security org. And the next thing you know, the US State Department and the CIA are all over the situation and, whaddaya know, the Maidan Square in Kiev fills up with screaming neo-Nazis and Mr. Yanukovych gets the bum’s rush — and despite the major screw-up, the Manafort and the Podesta swim off with a cool few million in fees and return to the comforts of the swamp where they finally part ways.

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By James Howard Kunstler

And so the Golden Golem of Greatness re-enters the hall of mirrors that Syria has become. The US intelligence “community” has informed the US Media that Syrian President Assad is planning a new gas attack on Idlib Province, where a ragtag army of US-backed “rebels” (ISIS, etc) remain holed up against Assad’s forces backed by Russian air support. Have we seen this movie before?

Is Mr. Assad truly that dumb? — since the last time a gas attack was alleged (and actually never proven), Mr. Trump averred that he would attack Syria. And what did he even mean by that? Send a barrel bomb down the Assad family chimney, or just blow up more stuff on the ground? And for what? To birth another failed state in the Middle East (just what the world needs), or perhaps start World War Three with Russia? (Ditto, with a cherry on top.)

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The 445,672 Most HOLY FUCKING BATSHIT Moments In Bob Woodward’s New Trump Book (SO FAR!)

By Evan Hurst

Are we still liveblogging the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing from hell? WE ARE. But because we are a badass who can write two blog posts at the same time while also drinking all the wine for Wine O’Clock, we need to direct your attention to the new HOLY SHIT Washington Post preview of Bob Woodward’s new book Fear, which is about the fear that should grip every patriotic American when they consider the fact that Donald Fucking Trump is president of the United States.

Remember how apeshit Trump went over Fire & Fury? Yeah, well, the portrait here is WAY worse. Let’s look at some highlights!

The stuff about Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd!

Remember how John Dowd used to be the only real lawyer on Donald Trump’s team, but even he was kind of a big idiot? Anyway, he quit-fired himself from the Trump team back in March, after a wild and crazy weekend of emailing Daily Beast reporters crazy messages in purple comic sans (for real).

But before that, back in January …

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The Uncomfortable Hiatus

By James Howard Kunstler

And so the sun seems to stand still this last day before the resumption of business-as-usual, and whatever remains of labor in this sclerotic republic takes its ease in the ominous late summer heat, and the people across this land marinate in anxious uncertainty. What can be done?

Some kind of epic national restructuring is in the works. It will either happen consciously and deliberately or it will be forced on us by circumstance. One side wants to magically reenact the 1950s; the other wants a Gnostic transhuman utopia. Neither of these is a plausible outcome. Most of the arguments ranging around them are what Jordan Peterson calls “pseudo issues.” Let’s try to take stock of what the real issues might be.

Energy: The shale oil “miracle” was a stunt enabled by supernaturally low interest rates, i.e. Federal Reserve policy. Even The New York Times said so yesterday (The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground). For all that, the shale oil producers still couldn’t make money at it. If interest rates go up, the industry will choke on the debt it has already accumulated and lose access to new loans. If the Fed reverses its current course — say, to rescue the stock and bond markets — then the shale oil industry has perhaps three more years before it collapses on a geological basis, maybe less. After that, we’re out of tricks. It will affect everything.

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Trump Says Google Is ‘Illegally Rigged’ After Googling Himself

By Heisenberg

“This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”

Donald Trump has been Googling himself, which isn’t surprising because he’s a textbook narcissist who, over the weekend, actually took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself next to a statement ostensibly meant to commemorate deceased Senator John McCain.

For weeks, Trump has attempted to piggyback on recent social media bans of Right-wing conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones to reinforce his media bias message. That’s a backdoor way of trying to convince his base that all of the bad legal news and tariff headlines they read aren’t real.

Of course the reason social media and search giants have to be careful with folks like Alex Jones is that those folks push demonstrable lies with no basis whatsoever in reality. Jones was allowed to get away with that for years, but his ongoing dispute with the families of Sandy Hook victims and an absurd allusion to shooting Robert Mueller were a bridge too far for Apple, Facebook and YouTube (among others) who moved in to save viewers and listeners from themselves earlier this month.

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Meanwhile, Out in Left Field

By James Howard Kunstler

With Russian “meddling” stalled in the dead letter office, The New York Times has apparently re-branded itself Floozie Central in its quixotic campaign to unseat the Golden Golem of Greatness by all means necessary. The Stormy Daniels affair, and its slime-trail of payoffs, is the slender thread that the Resistance hopes to hang Donald Trump on.

The great legal minds of cable TV have been very busy trying to suss out which part of the $130,000 non-disclosure payoff might apply as a campaign financing violation. If Rudy Giuliani still had his wits about him, of course, he would claim that the money was just Ms. Daniel’s going rate for an overnight frolic amongst her legendary twin peaks, that is, a sex worker’s simple transaction fee. Where does it say in the constitution that a president may not consort with tramps and hussies?

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The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win

By James Howard Kunstler

Who doesn’t want to think that they are a good human being? That they are a person of good intentions, clear conscience, fair-minded, generous, loving, and merciful? On the other hand, who wants to be a loser?

The current political predicament in the USA has America’s winners turned losers and the consequent pain of that flip-flop has propelled the new designated losers into a fury of moral indignation. The deplorable Trump insurgents were supposed to be put in their place on November 8, 2016 — stuffed back into their reeking WalMarts — but instead, their champion with his gold-plated hair-do presides over the nation in the house where Lincoln, The Roosevelts, and Hillary lived. “Winning…!” as the new president likes to tweet.

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By Robyn Pennacchia

Jason Kessler is not having a good week. First, no one came to his special white people party in Washington, D.C. There were like, thirty people there, in total — which is far fewer people than congregated this weekend in almost any place in America that is not a private residence.

And now, we have all been #blessed with footage of Kessler trying to do a little YouTube with Nazi friend Patrick Little, for the purpose of discussing how bad Jewish people are, earlier this year. This, too, was a big ol’ failure after someone busted in and yelled “Hey! You get out of my room!”
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So Much For ‘Just Trolling People’: Trump Revokes John Brennan’s Security Clearance

By Heisenberg Report

Now tell us, Paul Ryan, do you still think he was “just trolling people”?

Late last month, facing withering criticism for his obsequious performance in Helsinki, Donald Trump threatened to revoke the security clearances of the following intelligence and security officials:

  • Former CIA Dir. Brennan
  • Former FBI Dir. Comey
  • Former DNI Clapper
  • Former NSA Dir. Hayden
  • Former National Security Adviser Rice
  • Andrew McCabe

The rationale? Well, their criticism of Trump, number one, but also the “monetization” of their clearances.

The reaction Trump got to that threat was almost as bad as the reviews he got after the Putin press conference. Responses from the media, lawmakers and some of the officials in question ranged from fatalistic to incredulous to “surely he’s kidding.”

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Fever Pitch

By James Howard Kunstler

Those in the USA who have not been driven plumb insane by President Donald Trump are probably scratching their heads down to the subdural cavity this week with his imposition of more severe sanctions on Russia only a month after he went to Helsinki to repair tattered relations with Russia’s president, Mr. Putin. The official reason: payback for the poisoning in Wiltshire, UK, of Sergei Skripal, retired UK/Russia double agent, and his daughter Yulia.

Really? For that? For a botched assassination with one of the world’s most potent military nerve agents which, by the way, failed to kill its victims. (Somebody please go inform the Russian military that they may have batch problems over at the nerve agent lab.) Oh, also, by the way, there’s less evidence that whatever-it-was on the Skripal’s doorknob, or in the bubble-and-squeak they ordered at that restaurant, came from Russia than from the UK’s own military poisons lab at nearby Porton Down.

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‘People Have Said P.T. Barnum!’ Trump’s Reality Distortion Loop Gets A New Dimension With TiVo Reruns

By Heisenberg Report

As you’re no doubt aware, the idea that Donald Trump spends an inordinate amount of time watching cable television is a popular misconception. Sure, it might seem like he watches a lot of TV because almost everything he tweets between the hours of 6:30 AM and 11:30 AM (i.e. “executive time“) is a quote from Fox News, but what you have to understand is that he’s usually too busy reading to turn on the television.

“I don’t get to watch much television”, the President famously said last year, before elaborating as follows:

Primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents. A lot.

Right. But again, the fact that the President habitually quotes Fox virtually every morning, means he’s either watching it, or else they’re sending him transcripts. Take Monday morning for example:

Well, according to a new Axios article, when Trump gets some time away from Fox News and when he isn’t immersed in “documents”, he likes to watch the Donald Trump show – literally. “Like an NFL coach reviewing game film, President Trump likes to watch replays of his debate and rally performances”, Jonathan Swan writes.

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Welcome to Bad Faith

By James Howard Kunstler

Surely last week this foundering nation finally reached Peak Social Justice Warrior Bullshit with The New York Times hiring of genocide-for-white-people advocate Sarah Leong, 30, as an op-ed writer on tech matters. Apparently, one angle of the tech world Sarah Leong overlooked was the mile-wide Twitter trail of messages she left over the past ten years declaring that white people should be “canceled out,” “made to live underground like groveling goblins,” or this pungent one from the Reinhard Heydrich playbook: “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

When this big glob of shit hit the Internet fan, The Times’s HR department cranked out the pathetically lame explanation that Ms. Leong was merely “mirroring” or “counter-trolling” malicious tweets she had received over the years, “imitating the rhetoric of her harassers.” That left the old newspaper and its readers gratified for a day or too… until a whole new bale of Sarah Leong tweets was discovered dissing The New York Times and virtually all of its other op-ed writers in the most opprobrious terms.

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